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White Sage & Palo Santo

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What is White Sage & Palo Santo?

Over the years the product assortment which focuses on energetic cleansing has increased tremendously in stores and webshops because of the growing demand of the spiritual cleansing of the living environment. More and more people are aware of the positive effects of these products and hence explains the increasing demand.

The most popular products which are used for this purpose are white sage and palo santo. White sage smudge usage is the highest compared to palo santo but most people prefer the fragrance of palo santo. It gives out a warm, woody, light fragrance with hints of a somewhat sweet aroma. White sage is gives out a more blunt and stronger spicy fragrance which either suits you or not.

Both products have a positive effect when it comes to spiritually cleansing an environment of negative energies.

Our white sage and palo santo wholesale section offer both products in different shapes, sizes or product variants and attributes to offer to your customers at excellent prices.

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo which directly translated means holy wood originates from the native Indians like the Inca’s in South America and was used in different rituals and ceremonies for its healing and cleansing properties. In our market it is primarily used for cleansing your surroundings from negative energies or spirits which was also believed by the Inca’s and other indian tribes.

It is used to cleanse surroundings and originally is was also believed to heal people. A lot of the end consumers also use it for meditation because of the peaceful ambiance it creastes when used. The botanical name for our palo santo is Bursera graveolens. This tree is related to the boswelia tree from which myrrhe and frankincense is harvested.It has no additives so it is a 100% natural.

Where is Palo Santo from ?

We source our palo santo wood from Peru and Ecuador. Where the harvest is controlled by the government. The trees are not cut, they can only harvest the the trees which have fallen because of natural causes.

What is White Sage used for?

A herb that has almost the same spiritual properties as palo santo is white sage. It is a herb that originally is used mostly in native american rituals and ceremonies. But nowadays it is used to cleanse living spaces and also used in aura cleansing sessions.

In ceremonies it is often burned in an abalone shell or smudge bowl. It has a typical bolt and strong herb like fragrance. Some people are not a fan of this strong fragrance but it usually is not used for home fragrance but mostly for spiritually cleansing your surroundings from bad or negative energies or spirits.

The botanical name for white sage is Salvia apiana and is 100% natural. Our white sage is harvested sustainable and eco friendly. When the herb is harvested it is first dried, so there is no molding after packing it. We offer white sage smudge, leaves and lots of other product variants.

Where does White Sage grow?

The majority of the white sage in the world comes from the coastal area of California in the USA and northwestern Mexico. It basically grows best in this region due to the climat.

Both these products have strong cleansing properties and are used for releasing your surrounding from bad and negatives energies or spirits. It is mostly the case of personal preference which one is used.

In our white sage wholesale section you will get the largest selection in Europe against excellent prices to offer your customers. So if you have a store or wish to trade in these items, please contact us.

We distribute these items all over Europe to satisfied customers every day.