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Looking for Bakhoor wholesale products?

You can create a unique atmosphere if you purchase any of our Bakhur or Bakhoor wholesale products.
There are more than ten varieties of the wholesale bakhoor that we offer. You can browse our wide selection of wholesale Bakhoor fragrances if you want to choose the fragrance that is most suitable for your taste.

What is Bakhoor or Bakhur?

In Arabic, Bakhur or Bakhoor means Fumes, It's a mixture of wood chips soaked in perfume oil and mixed with resins, sandlewood and essential oils. I would recommend that you check our wholesale section of Bakhur if you are looking for a good quality fragrance.

We have everything you will need to burn bakhoor.

At our store, you will find charcoal wholesale and incense burner wholesale as well.
We offer brass incense holders in bulk, that are available in a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and materials.
You will need to use a tong if you want to burn Bakhoor. There are many wholesale tongs to choose from in our wilde tong collection, including the tree of life, the triquetra, and the triple moon.These can be found in many different shapes and materials such as strainless, brass, nickel, and many more!
You can view all our wholesale Bakhoor items in this category.