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Spiritual wall hanging designs

If you’re searching for religious or spiritual tapestry for your customers, Eastern Trading Agencies wholesale is the place to be. With over more than 45 years of experience as spiritual wholesaler active in The Netherlands and Europe, we have competitive offers in different wall hangings. Why these tapestry are so popular at the moment? Read more below.

Buying spiritual tapestry of our wholesale

Tapestries are not exceptional meant for religious people, but also very sought-after as decoration among others, and for that reason also very salable. If you serve customers of your spiritual (web)shop or store you should definitely add some precious showpieces to your collection, in order to catch up. Besides, a tapestry can be used in many ways, for example as tablecloth, altar cloth, bed spread or as meditation accessory. As you see, the possibilities are never-ending and they are available in different sizes, lovely colors and all kinds of amazing prints.

It’s not just about spirituality or religiosity, it’s art as well. It gives your room an unique look with refined adornments. It fits neatly in the rooms of reborn our hipster-generation as tail-piece. It’s contemporary, yet traditional and therefore timeless. Isn’t that ironic? See for yourself. This tapestries are classics and are making their comeback right now.

Catch A glimpse of our assortment

Let us tell you something about our most wanted prints and motifs:

  • Chakra tapestry – gives a soothing appearance to every place, meant to emphasize the spiritual theme. We love this one for it’s very colorful and cheerful and suitable in any meditation room.
  • Mandala motives – contribute to a serene tranquility in your room.
  • Buddha, Ganesh imprint – to fortify the spiritual presence.

We only select topnotch items for you and your customers. Therefore all wall hangings are hand-made of 100% cotton.

Get your stock in tapestry - Eastern Trading Agencies

If you’re looking for spiritual or religious decoration as wall hangings to serve your customers, we offer you a broad collection of tapestry. You can choose from different sizes, images and patterns available. We have over more than 50 different types of cloths, which you find on this page. To see the prices, you just sign up in our online store. Questions about the tapestries can be asked by sending an e-mail to info@eastern-trading.com or you can call us at  0031-(0)10-4518186.

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