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Singing bowl

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Singing Bowl Meditation

Meditation pertains to a simple yet effective and soothing way of releasing physical tension and allowing energy to flow in one direction point. This practice often brings in state of ideal inner peace and calms the mind as well. If it has been a long and tiring day and you wanted an escape out of your hectic and stressful routine, meditation is a great way to relax, unwind and feel fresh instantly. Meditation is proven to have positive and vibrant effect to the mind and body.This calms and relaxes every nerve and makes people feel more energetic.

At least once daily, individuals should meditate. With lots of burdens, pressures and responsibilities in life, people tend forget to take a break and have some time for themselves. Meditation can actually be an ideal practice if you want inner peace. Meditation can also pave way for effective and deep self-realization. There are tools and accessories that make meditation more effective and engaging and one of these is singing bowl meditation.

Singing Bowls Play Vital Roles in the Practice of Meditation

Some individuals may not know it but these bowls can play a vital and vibrant role in soothing tension and releasing negative energy. The sound of this bowl can work wonders with meditation and can even transform someone into different personality. The sound of the bowl is actually produced by means of gently striking or slowly hitting or rubbing its outer surface with the use of wooden striker or mallet.

These bowls are effective when used during meditation session for these create a vibration frequency. It also creates remarkable and soothing sounds of energy that do not just relax the mind but takes it into a different positive direction that brings peace and calmness.

Whether to use it for meditation or not, singing bowl meditation remains a timeless human spirituality symbol and also the human nature’s frailty.

They are used for yoga, healing sessions, musical therapeutic use and for different ceramonies. They originate from Buddhism and they produce extremely pure tones which reflects singing. This is were the name singing bowl comes from. Originally they would signal the beginning and ending of a silent meditation session.

Singing bowls handmade or machine made

We offer them in different sizes and colors and are available in machine made bowls and well as handmade. Both will have a different sound and frequency. The handmade ones are hand hammered which is also the traditional way to make them.

The machine made ones can only be made in brass due to its production process.These are available in more variations and designs.

Looking for the Best Wholesale Singing Bowls for Meditation?

If you are looking for the best singing bowl to make your meditation more unique, effective and engaging, you can find the finest selections from Eastern Trading. We are a trusted European distributor of spiritual as well as esoteric items and yoga and meditation supplies such as singing bowls. We offer meditating singing bowls that come in different colors, designs, frequencies, sizes and shapes. These bowls can also serve as exceptional gifts to you loved ones who also love to meditate.

They are also available in chakra theme in various sizes which is one of our bestsellers.

So if you are looking for quality and symbolic spiritual items in wholesale like these items, you can contact Eastern Trading and learn more about our exclusive offers. We also offer singing bowls wholesale for businesses seeking to buy in bulk.

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