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Incense coils

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Incense coils at Eastern Trading Agencies

Don’t you just love the smell of incense? We do too! Incense coils are ideal if you wish to enjoy the smell of incense for quite a long time. The aroma that releases when incense sticks, cones or grains are ignited often lasts for a couple of hours – if you’re lucky. For most people this is plenty. But what if you want incense that burns slowly? Incense that has the capacity to provide an area with delicious odors for an entire day? Then incense coils are exactly what you need: they are rather large and will last much longer than any other kind of incense. Eastern Trading Agencies is one of the top incense holders wholesale in the UK. So look no further, we have everything you could ever look for in a spiritual wholesaler; in the UK and beyond!

Incense coils in our assortment

At Eastern Trading Agencies we have large variety of incense coils to brighten your day – or night. Incense coils are traditionally used in Chinese temples. In ancient China incense coils were used for worship. It was said that the smoke which incense coils create carry blessings and prayers towards heaven. Nowadays, incense coils are still being used monasteries and temples. Here they burn continuously, in order to generate a holy atmosphere. Obviously, you do not have to use incense coils in traditional fashion. You can hang them at home, too. In our assortment we also have citronella incense coils, in case you want to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

All your spiritual products in one place

Whether you’re looking for incense coils or something else, Eastern Trading is the largest spiritual wholesale of Europe. Want to see more of our products and prices? Create an account and start discovering.