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White Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge Stick 10cm (price per pc)

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Clean your house and your mind with this powerful combination of the herb yerba santa and white sage. Both herbs are known by the Indians, who used them to go on a "spiritual journey". Both white sage and yerba santa have an invigorating, penetrating scent. You can also use these herbs for meditation.


The origin of smudging herbs and what you can do with them

The ritual of contacting the spiritual world through herbs is called smudging. The ritual is usually performed to get rid of evil energies. The Indians have been doing this for a long time. For this they use herbs, such as white sage. These herbs are known for the power to be able to cleanse spiritually. By that we mean that evil forces and negativity are repelled. To do this the herbs are burned on a fireproof dish or shell. Often someone spreads the smoke through the room with, for example, a feather.

Meanwhile, "smudging" is known worldwide. Some people like to perform the ritual the same as the Indians, others do it in a different way.

The difference between smudging and burning incense is that with smudging the cleaning of the environment comes first, while incense is more ignited for the atmosphere.


White sage and yerba santa for smudging

Both yerba santa and white sage are from the drier parts of America. Both plants smell strongly spicy. As soon as you light the twigs to smudge, you will soon notice why it has cleansing effect. Both yerba santa and white sage have a spicy scent.

White sage and yerba santa together, are known to work well against gloom, worry and stuffiness.

The twigs of this smudge stick have been picked and dried in a responsible manner. So you can enjoy a pure and natural product.


Smudging, how do you do that?

Take your smudge stick and place it on a fireproof dish or shell. Then light the herbs. Wait until they start burning and blow out the flame so that they continue to smolder. With a feather you can spread the herbs through the room. If you want to cleanse your entire house from negative energy or bad odors, you can move the herbs a few times or walk around with them.

Smudging works best if you open a window while burning herbs. This way you ventilate well, and bad odors or bad energy can actually leave your house.


Smudging tips

The Indians liked to burn their smudge sticks in a beautiful shell. In this way they brought the four elements together: earth (herbs) fire (combustion) air (smoke) and water (shell).

For example, you can use a feather to spread the smoke through the room. At Eastern Trading you can buy different shells and feathers to complete your smudging ritual.


Order white sage & yerba santa 10 cms

You can order this smudge combination of white sage and yerba santa quickly and easily at Eastern Trading. We also sell various other smudge sticks and accessories.

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