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Some people use cauldrons for the practice of incense rituals with charcoal and silversand. For others it gives a new dimension to cooking. You can make brew all kinds of beverages. Cauldrons are meant for devotees of nature religions who stay close to nature by using energy from natural products.

The black shiny cast iron gives the cauldron a medieval, Celtic look while the modern decoration is contemporary. You’ll find the following imprints and symbols in our kettle designs: a pentacle, a dragon, chakras, de moon goddess, tree of life and Celtic signs. These ones are shaped with care and detailed and consistently finished up to the handles.

Wicca attributes & rituals

Original the cauldron is an item from the Wicca philosophy and therefore shrouded in an aura of mystery and magic.  She is also part of an altar place. The cauldron stands firmly on three legs to symbolizes the threefold Goddess. The kettle itself represents the receiving and creating the goddess's lap. Femininity plays a very special role in this. Official the cauldron was intended to burn spells and formulas with a fire of spirit on a layer of sand and the like. Inside the transformation takes place.  In this ritual the cauldron embodies the element water and vertility. A spring-ritual can be recognized by a kettle filled with water and sweet petals.

Incense and smudge

The cauldron can be used for incense holder too. By filling the bowl with silver sand you can plant the incense sticks steady. The shape of the boiler ensures that the fragrance lingers longer. Because of this it’s a must have for incense lovers.
Beside, you can also use it as smudge bowl!

Would you love to purchase your own kettle?

You ask, Eastern Trading Agencies delivers: whether you use the cauldron to decorate the mantelpiece or serve your gothic customers with your assortment. This items can be ordered individually and are available in different sizes. 

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