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Prayer flags: a garland of mantras

Did you know that prayer frags are typical for the Tibetan Buddhism? They are pieces of textile with prayers and mantras on it, that are woven together and hung up like a garland outside the house. Originally the prayer flags are made out of sets of 5 pieces textile  all in a different primary colors plus a white and a green one.

Buddhism says that the colors need to be hang up in the following order: blue, white, red, green, yellow. They represent the natural elements: 

  • Blue represents the heaven;
  • White represents the wind;
  • Red represents fire;
  • Green represents water;
  • Yellow represents earth.

According to Tibetan medicine: Health comes from harmony and balance between these 5 elements. Not only mantra’s are scribed down on the flag. Also Prayers play their parts as well on the flag and are important to ensure yourself of a long and prosperous life.

The working of prayer flags

When the pieces textile of the flag wave in the wind, it’s believed that the prayers and mantras are being carried away in the wind and ascend to heaven. In this way wisdom, compassion, peace and strength are diffused for the one who hangs it up and their beloved ones and neighbors. It’s believed that even the wind that blows through the flags get purified and spread blessings upon all living beings that get touched by the wind. Old flags lose their colors because the prayers are absorbed in the environment. The ideal moment of the day to hang out the flags is a sunny morning when the wind quietly blows.

Did you know that it’s an old habit on the Tibetan New Years-eve to replace old prayer flags with new ones. The old ones ritually gets burned.  

Delivering of prayer flags.

Prayer flags are very sought after and popular at the moment, because of the Buddhism making a huge comeback. Even for decoration at the enter of your door. For that reason we made a small but mere collection of the original prayer flag, without fuss. Our wholesale delivers Tibetan prayer flags, feng shui, chakra- and other pagan flags, out of our collection .


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