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Yoga & Meditation

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Yoga and meditation


In this hurried society humans are more in need of rest than ever before. Because of this, yoga has gained a lot of ground in recent years, and rightly so. Her action is beneficial for both body and soul: equalize breathing and movement, so that your mind comes to the utmost concentration and thus becomes empty and calm. Your body follows automatically and quickly it becomes clear that it has much more potential than you ever thought possible if you learn to breathe and let go. .

What is meditation?

Meditation is a form of attention that requires a certain amount of concentration. The purpose of meditation is to be with your full attention in the present moment (here and now) with your body and mind. You do this by focusing on something presents. Your breath is a frequently used anchor because you carry it with you. You can also use a tealight, mantra, mala,  visualization or figurine. This brings you into a lofty state of consciousness in which your body relaxes or your mind transcends space and time. This allows you to simply 'be'.

What is yoga?

Yoga is the interplay between body and mind. It is not just a body sport, it is also about training the human spirit. It is the way to strengthen the connection between body and mind by coincide your movement and breathing. Yoga is originally intended to make the body loose and supple before starting a meditative sitting. In this way, the chance of physical discomfort, such as cramp or sleeping limbs, is smallest. In addition, it keeps you fit and you learn to know your body better by controlling tension and relaxation. By recognizing the signs from your body, you learn what is going on inside you and how you feel about it. This brings you into contact with your intuition, your higher self - this is essential in the process of developing yourself. Therefore, in addition to physical strength, this requires the highest concentration to make your head empty and thoughtless.

From a physical point of view, yoga has many health benefits, such as the preventative prevention of muscle and joint pain and the raise of blood circulation. Keep your body active, flexible and healthy and train your mind to become an athlete. The poses of yoga are not only focused on testing the strength of the body, but also on the mental stamina.

Yoga accessories in our assortment

Logically, along with the popularity of yoga itself, the demand for high-quality yoga attributes has also increased. Our mission is to respond for this demand. So that you can provide your customers with the latest trends in yoga and meditation.

Think of accessories and supplies such as yoga mats, acupressure mats, yoga belt, meditation cushions. The supplies are suitable for both novice and advanced yogi.

Yoga mat

One of the most used yoga accessories is the yoga mat. A good yoga mat can be recognized by its firm grip (little to no friction) with a cool temperature. We supply premium yoga mats, which are tested for optimal support for your body.

Meditation cussions

Our ergonomic meditation pillows are made of high-quality cotton and are filled with natural buckwheat chaff which ensures a firm and comfortable seat. In our wholesale you will find a large collection of different religious prints and spiritual designs, such as the flower of life, chakras, tree of life, etc.

Yoga belt

Yoga belts are meant to ease certain exercises. It helps to increase flexibility. The yoga belt is a good method in strengthening muscle strength. The belts are adjustable and available in various colors.

Yoga bags

Our cotton yoga mat bags have a raw look and is specially developed for storing and transporting your yoga mat. Of course you can also carry other yoga supplies such as a bath towel or accessories. Very practical solution on the go for those who like to bring their own mat

Acupressure mat and pillow

The purpose of acupuncture is to stimulate the nerves and circulation of the body through (pain) stimuli. Although the modern acupressure mat contains no needles, on one side it is covered with plastic spikes or acupressure points. After you have unfolded the mat you can lie upon it, flat with your back. At first this may feel uncomfortable. As the feeling gets used and you try to relax, your body weight will evenly spread over the plastic spikes. As a result of the pressure this gives to your skin, your nerves and your blood circulation, you experience a natural feeling of 'high'.


In search for a wholesale in spiritual products?

The best yoga accessories can be found at the Eastern Trading Agencies. With more than 40 years of experience, we have seen yoga become more popular every year. Through valuable feedback from our customers and observation we have ensured that we have become one of the best yoga articles wholesaler in Europe. This allows us to give you and your customers the best combination of quality products for competitive prices. If you have questions or comments about our yoga accessories, do not hesitate to contact us.