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Items 1-24 of 166

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Looking for wholesale spiritual textile products?

Shop for our wholesale spiritual textile items in this category, you can enrich your assortment in your store or webshop with our tapestries, doorhangers, totebags, altar cloths, clothing or curtains.

Choose the best religious or spiritual item which can be suited to the type of room or space you are going to place it in. There are different colors, sizes and patterns.

A tapestry to create a peaceful ambiance in any room or space

Trying to search for a traditionally and religiously styled tapestry? Well, there are several choices for you to choose from with the variety of our wholesale religious and spiritual tapestries in this category. Hanging a religious tapestry at home is considered to be an elegant way of decorating an empty space on the wall and enhancing a religious or spiritual ambiance at home and will also complement your meditation practices.

We have beautiful tapestries in different designs, one of our best selling ones are the chakra tapestries these give a peaceful ambiance in your meditation area.You can decorate your spaces to give it a serene look. They can also be used as a bedspread, table cloth,meditation accessory or as wallhangings.

Our assortment consist of mandala, buddha, ganesh, fairy and many more designs. Our tapestries are handcrafted and 100% cotton. So if your are looking for wholesale tapestry to offer your customers exclusive spiritual designs, take a look in this category.

Looking for totebags in exclusive designs?

If you are looking for totebags in exclusive designs, please check out our wholesale totebags category. We have them in chakra, hand of Fatima, Buddha, celtic knot and many more designs.

These make a great accessory to take to your yoga session or for a day at the beach. They are handcrafted and made out of 100% cotton. So do not let your customers miss out on these items.

Altar cloths to dress your altar table

If you are looking for wholesale altar clothing to offer your clients, check out our altar cloth section. Complete your wicca assortment with these products. Our best selling designs are the triple moon, pentacle and triqueta designs. There are satisfied customers using these items during there rituals all over Europe.

Also a nice accessory during your rituals is our altar clothing, we have a beautiful pentacle cape in this category.

Curtains with spiritual designs

A new addition to our textile assortment are the curtains, we have them in chakra, tree of life, om lotus or dreamcatcher designs. These also make a great room divider or to décor your meditation or yoga space.

You can view all our wholesale spiritual textile items in this category.