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Wholesaler in spiritual totebags

Cotton totebags are a real hype. Especially in the context of a sustainable lifestyle, for practical reasons and because the bags are often used to spread this message. The bags are strong but are lightweight and easily to print on.
Probably your customers too are searching for authentic stuff that says something about who they would like to be. It’s sort of a visiting card. Would you like to offer them totebags that spreads spiritual messages, than Eastern Trading Agencies is the place to pick your favorites out of six colorful totebags and place your order.

Why to buy totebags

The messages spread by this popular bags are often meant to contribute to the collective consciousness that is necessary for a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. Our bags don’t have any quotes or texts on it. They are definitely in the spiritual theme, but speak for themselves… It’s a big bag without side pockets– woman love these. Because of the cotton  material, it’s not heavy at all. Whether you use the bag to take to college, do some sports or go shopping or to the beach: you don’t have to be afraid that for damage. You can easily wash the bags and from our collection you can choose all kinds of trendy designs, which your customers would love.

all kinds of trendy designs?

Our collection exists of six different spiritual designs:

  • Dream catcher
  • Hand of Fatima
  • Chakra
  • Tree of Life
  • Celtic knot
  • Lotus

As you see, our assortment is limited but divers. We made our selection based on the best sold products. Are you looking for another specific motif or pattern, maybe we can help you out by expanding our collection with your preferences.

Over more than 45 years experience

With over more than 45 years of experience as spiritual wholesaler active in The Netherlands and Europe, we have competitive offers in different totebags. It’s not only just about spirituality or religiosity, it’s art as well. It completes your outfit and gives you this unique look with refined adornments. It fits neatly under the arm of our reborn hipster-generation. It’s contemporary, yet traditional and therefore timeless. Isn’t that ironic? See for yourself. This tapestries are classics and are making their comeback right now. The totebags are thoughtfully designed and handmade of 100% cotton. We serve only satisfied customers for years and receive good feedback. Get your own stock and enrich your (online) store to rejoice your customers. 

More than tote baggs

As told before, Eastern Trading Agencies is one of the biggest spiritual wholesale of Europe. We carry over more than 45 years experience that makes that we can ensure you the perfect combination of customers services and the finest quality. Next to totebags we can rejoice you also with our collection of many spiritual and religious items from all over the world. Think of altar cloths, meditation curtains, tapestry and diverse fragranced products like incense, Palo Santo, White sage and more. Send us an e-mail or contact us if you have questions still not answered.