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Lanterns & Lamps

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Little light, great mood maker

This are typical examples of accessories that gets everyone in a cozy mood. Whether you receive or give away these items as gift or look at it, the light of flames has an amazing effect on every human being. We recognize the burning of our soul. Eastern Trading Agencies has a carefully composed collection of these very antique-looking lanterns, with a flat fixed bottom so you can stably set it down or hang it up. We make a selection deliberate and determined based on the value and opportunities we see in these items. Whether you are restyling an old-fashioned space, or like to add chic details in a modernist rooms, these lanterns really fit everywhere. Now you can sanctify every area by transforming the atmosphere with these refined details and precision work. Whether you want to set the tone in your massage or yoga studio, church or temple, create a warm glow in your garden or porch or searching for a real eye catcher to give the atmosphere a boost during a dinner: lit the flame and let the light do its job.

Striking lamps, the features

Our lanterns are very practical. Inside the lantern, the tea lights are not extinguished by the wind and the glass that is incorporated in a number of lanterns produces beautiful colors when the flame burns. The lanterns are made of metal with a golden, silver, blue, pink, purple or rose glow. They have a somewhat nostalgic and spiritual impression because they are glorified with old Celtic or oriental patterns in various themes, so that everyone can find something their taste.

  • Hindu (OHM; lotus flower; ganesha);
  • Buddha;
  • Oriental & mandala (simple and universal);
  • Tree of life.

Purchase and lit the fire

You probably can barely wait to buy one or more lanterns because maybe you are in search for attributes and accessories for your hookah bar, rest room, yoga studio, massage parlor, restaurant or store. Wholesale Eastern Trading Agencies delivers lanterns and lamps for whoever likes a fairy tale-like spheres or wants to create an oasis of sanctuary around a place of veneration or meditation. They radiate a certain peace that is so contagious and therefore the items are suited as a valuable gift that brings light in the dark days when we long for warmth and coziness. All you have to do is place your order here in the online store and we gladly serve you from the enormous stock of our wholesale.

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