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Hindu Statues

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Nowadays Hindu statues are indispensable in our culture. Everyone knows what Ganesh (elephant god) looks like or recognize Vishnu with his many hands. Eastern religions with their spiritual elements are more popular than ever. This goes hand in hand with the increase in sales of hindu statues. People like to decorate their homes with beautiful handmade statues because their house is a part of their identity. It creates almost a divine atmosphere.

Where do hindu statues come from?

Hindu statues are made in India. The figures are derived from the Hindu religion and the belief in attributes in the form of gods. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion in contrast to Christianity. Hindu’s know many gods, having each their own attributes and features. Take Ganesh for example: he’s always easily recognized because of his elephant trunk and known for the removal of obstacles, as a protector of art and science. Every god has his or her own features.

Assortment hindu statues eastern trading agencies

We have a wide range in different types of gods and made you this overview of a selection we made in the most popular images of the moment:

  • Ganesh;
  • Shiva;
  • Rings with Nataraj (incarnation of shiv);
  • Krishna;
  • Kamasutra statues.

As you see on this page above, you can scroll through the different figures and pick your favorites.

Enrich your home

The hindu statues can be a point of focus during meditation. Where some religions prohibit the worship of statues, other more material religions exist of the veneration of many beautiful statues. Many other people took the halfway and love them just for decoration, whether they are religious or not.
Statues play their role as spiritual and religious emphases that give your home a personal touch. They can represent a certain idea,  model, feeling, attribute or a god/goddess to focus on during prayer and meditation. It brings the human spirit and the divine energy closer to each other.

Material: most of the statues are made of clay or metal.
The statues are often handmade and therefore rich in details, what gives the figure an peaceful artistic look in the room.

Wholesaler in hindu attributes

Our advice is to stock up the most popular items of the moment such as Hindu statues. Eastern Trading Agencies is the biggest supplier in spiritual musthaves of Europe and we deliver within 48 hours. Quality first: we carry years of experiences and know exactly what where and how to buy our statues in different sizes and types. For more information about religious statues and attributes, don’t hesitate to call us on 0031-(0)10-4518186 or send an e-mail to [email protected]