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Wholesale Religious Statues

Religious statues are from all times: whether you want to give someone a Buddha statue as a gift or like to have an hindu statue for your own house or yoga-centre or a Christian icon for a church or to decorate your garden: Eastern Trading Agency with her royal collection, is the place to see and to be. From eastern religions to Christian saints – we have it all.
Just because of their timelessness and increasing popularity it’s wise to keep your stock up in religious statues to serve your customers.
You can easily sign up at our online store and stock up your favorites. Our wholesaler packs, ships and delivers carefully and fast so you don’t need to look after it.

From veneration to decoration

Where some religions prohibit the worship of statues, other more material religions exist of the veneration of many beautiful statues. Many other people took the halfway and love them just for decoration, whether they are religious or not.
Statues play their role as spiritual and religious emphases that give your home a personal touch. They can represent a certain idea,  model, feeling, attribute or a god/goddess to focus on during prayer and meditation.

Material: most of the statues are made of clay or metal

A selection from our collection: buddha to hindu to christ

Our assortment offers over more than 75 different statues. An overview you find on this page. For the convenience we summarized our collection into an overview of the most sold and popular items. They may be a valuable addition for your (online) store: 

You can only get a Buddha statue by receiving one as a gift, not to buy for yourself. Buying it for yourself even brings misfortune, at least that is believed in the West. Because of the many designs others says that a you have to feel this personal connection with a Buddha statue to pick one.

The Buddha represent protection, healing, happiness, prosperity, good health and love. We have many statues in different sizes from 10 cm.

Hindu gods are very moved products at the moment. In particular the elephant god Ganesh and Shiva are best sellers, especially in The Netherlands. Make sure you can serve your customers too during their purchase of statues in your webshop or store.
In some Hindu movements it’s usual that statues are a part of a house temple, where Hindus burn their incense and sacrifice to that god or gods.

Christian saints

Are you looking for catholic statues from Christian saints like Mary or Jesus? Take a look at our wide range at this page. Do you have the intentions to create your own personal prayer-spot within your house, the wooden crosses and images of the little Jesus or mother mary-fatimah will fulfill.

 Powerful statues from Eastern Trading Agencies

Your customers deserve high quality statues. With over more than 45 years of experience we know where and why we purchase at fixed addresses. For original religious and spiritual statues Eastern Trading Agencies is your fixed address. Get your own stock in professional forged icons. Don’t hesitate to sens us an e-mail: or to call us on 0031-(0)10-4518186.