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Incense & Fragrances

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Looking for incense and fragrances wholesale?

Eastern Trading Agencies is specialized in incense and fragrances. We wholesale our incenses all over Europe. We carry the largest assortment of indian incense in Europe against the most competitive prices. Plus we hold stock of all of them so we can ship out your order within 48 hours. We carry various brands of incense sticks, incense cones, incense grains, scented candles,fragrance oils, room sprays, different kinds of incense holders, fragrance oils, massage oils, diffusers and aromaburners. In this category you will find all the incense and fragrances we distribute.

Different varieties of incense

In our incense category you will find the different sticks, cones , dhoop sticks, grains and holders we have in our assortment. Because of our 45 years of experience in this field we can offer our customers the best quality incense from all over the world.

Incense sticks wholesale in Europe

About 95% of our incenses are from India and most of them are made in Bangalore. The Indian word for incense is agarbatti which literally means aroma sticks. We carry a large assortment of incense, we have charcoal based sticks which are traditionally handrolled. The base is a charcoal paste infused with perfume oil. Another popular variant are the machine made sticks which are sprayed with perfume oil. Our personal favourite are the masala sticks which are the most natural, these sticks are made from herbs, gums and essential oils.

Incense cones instead of sticks

Cones are extruded incense they do not have a bamboo stick. They usually are pyramid shaped hence the name cones. They are a little more concentrated in fragrance due to the lack of a bamboo stick. We wholesale different brands of cones which you can find in our cones section.

Dhoop sticks

Dhoopsticks are also extruded incense without the bamboo stick. They are straight shaped and and also concentrated in fragrance due to the lack of a bamboo stick. We wholesale our dhoop sticks all over Europe everyday and this type of incense is upcoming in sales.

Incense grains wholesale

Our grains or also reffered to as resins, are sourced from all over the world. The primary ingredient for the grains are olibanum or frankincense. The grains are usually used in combination with the charcoal briquettes.

Incense Holders to burn incense

We have a huge variety of incense burners made out of different materials and shapes. Our most popular popular ones are the hutbox, sled and ofcourse the brass burners. Our wholesale incense holders are a must to have in your assortment especially if you are already selling incense.

Looking for scented candles wholesale?

We carry a wide range of scented candles or also known as aroma candles in various fragrances and sizes. Most of our candles are made out of a combination of palm wax, soy wax and essential oil. One of our main brands being the Green Tree Candle Company which prides itself making natural products.

Fragrance oils for a subtle fragrance experience

Our fragrance oils are carefully handpicked, each of the brands we carry use quality ingredients. We wholesale our fragrance oils all over Europe. Because of our passion for fragrance we can offer our customers the best quality oils against the best possible prices.

Roomspray to bring positive energy and beautiful fragrance

Eastern trading agencies has an extensive collection of roomsprays which fill up a room with a beautiful aroma filled with positive energy. We handpick the ingredients and essential oils for our wholesale roomspray bases on their properties. Just a few sprays is enough to have your room filled with a peaceful ambiance. Ideal to use just before meditation, yoga or rituals.

Massage oil to relax your body and mind

Our massage oils are made with quality base oils infused with premium essential oils. Our wholesale massage oils rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Aromatherapy diffuser wholesale

Our reed diffusers spread a subtle fragrance in any room. The constant fragrance brings a pleasant and positive ambiance to your room. These are a must for anyone who wants smoke free fragrance in their home. The diffuser oil is absorbed through the reed sticks and spreads the aroma across any space in your home. We have wholesale aroma differs in different price categories and distribute them to satisfied customers all over Europe.

Oil burners for scented oil

Our section of wholesale oil burners is updated frequently, we are always searching for new and innovative models for our customers. Oil burners are a great tool to burn our fragrance oils, wax melts and natural seasalt infused with essential oils. Our aroma burners are sourced from India, Indonesia and China to offer our customers all the latest designs and trends.

Natural Seasalt infused with essential oils

Our wholesale natural seasalt infused with essential oils are great alternative to fragrance oil. They are easy and in use and bring a peaceful and sereen ambiance to any room. We have a great variety in our natural seasalt section.

Waxmelts as an alternative for fragrance oil

These are an upcoming variant for scented oil. Our wholesale waxmelts are made out of palmwax and soywax infused with essential oil. They are used together with an oilburner.