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Cedar wood

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Cedarwood at Eastern Trading Agencies

One of the most prestigious trees on the planet is Red Cedar from North America. It is found in the United States and Canada and is durable and of superior quality. It is therefore no surprise that Cedar wood has a spiritual effect. The tree is already mentioned in the Old Testament, where it symbolizes beauty, youth and power. The bible also speaks of the Lebanese Cedar, the Cedrus Libani, which you stand in the Lebanon Mountains. They are rare and can become very old: up to 2500 years. Products gathered from cedar wood are therefore of top quality.

Use cedar wood

First of all, red cedar wood is often used for domestic uses, such as facade or roofing. However, this is not very interesting compared to the spiritual effect that the cedar tree can have, both its wood and the products made from it, such as cedar moths or cedarwood oil. Spiritual oils that are (partly) fused with the wonderful aroma of cedar wood; We certainly have these in our extensive online range. We also have incense sticks and cones that are mixed with cedar. These also provide a nice, soothing aroma in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever. You can also choose to clean your entire house with smudge sticks made from leaves of the cedar tree.

Spiritual Products at Eastern Trading Agencies

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