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Incense wholesale?

At Eastern Trading Agencies we are passionate about this product, our wholesale incense assortment is the largest in Europe.Our goal is to give our customers the best brands against the best possible prices. Over the years this product has gone from a religious or spiritual product to a lifestyle product and since then has increased tremendously in sales.

It gives out a great fragrance and fills the room with a sereen and mystic ambiance. It is ideal to get in the right state of mind for meditation or yoga. We have so many varieties to offer and are constantly updating en adding new brands to our collection.

We mostly sell Indian incense which are made primarily in Bangalore, the industry city for this product. It is here where these fragrance sticks are made in an artisan way of production which often is passed on from generation to generation. We buy direct from the source, this way we can offer you the best possible price without any other margin in between.

Offer your customers over 500 different incense sticks in various fragrances and packing.

Our assortment consist out of more then 500 different sticks which we offer in different packing, fragrances or product type.

Our incense sticks  are available in charcoal based sticks infused with essential oil, machine made sticks sprayed with perfume oil and the masala natural sticks.

All our products are made with the best ingredients Indian forests have to offer. The brands of our incense stick wholesale section are the best available in the market. You can trust on our expertise because of our 45 years experience in the field. We have different packaging available. The best selling packaging is the 15gr masala packaging along with the hexa packing. But we also offer the pouch and regular packet. You can always consult us if you need advise on packaging or brands.

The fragrances available are immense. As we started out with basic fragrances like vanilla, lavender,sandalwood or patchouli. We now also have mixed ones like sandal-cinnamon or honey –rose. Other fragrances available are blended and sometimes consist out of more then 3 or 4 different scents. Our stick collection is growing year by year.

Searching for incense cones wholesale with a good assortment?

In our incense cones wholesale section we have different brands to offer. There always customers whom are searching for this pyramid shaped product because they do not want the bamboo fragrance which comes along with burning the sticks. We have the charcoal based cones infused with perfume oil. But our best selling ones are the masala ( herbs,gums, essential oil) based cones infused with essential oils. These give out the pure fragrance which will linger around for hours.

Our cones are available in different fragrances starting from traditional fragrances like sandalwood or rose to theme titles fragrances like anti-stress or attract money. We have over 50 different cones in various brands. Take a look in our cones section and see all we have to offer you.

Looking for a good collection of incense holders?

Incense and burners go hand in hand. You will need this accessory if you are going to burn incense. Your customers will always look for a holder to burn their product on. So it is key to always stock up on your holders and burners.

Our incense holders wholesale section gives you a wide collection to offer to your customers. We take pride in always having the latest trends, colors shapes and designs in burners to offer our customers. The burners are available in different type of materials. Take a look in our incense burner wholesale section to see all what we have to offer you.

Dhoop sticks, incense without the bamboo.

This variant is basically fragranced paste without the bamboo stick, it is straight shaped and more concentrated in fragrance. Our dhoop stick wholesale section offers the charcoal based sticks infused with perfume oil and the masala dhoop sticks infused with essential oil.We carry the best brands for you to offer your customers.

Offer your customers a wide collection of incense grains.

Our natural incense grains or resins are sourced from all over the world. We have the natural frankincense, myrrh or olibanum. But we also carry the colored frankincense grains with essential oil. Our incense grains wholesale section offers our customers a wide and balanced assortment in this category. We have different packaging and types for you to offer your customers. We also supply this product in bulk on request.