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Diffusers (Home fragrances) wholesale?

When you link an emotion or smell to an event, it eternalize in your memory. The more senses you stimulate, the more intense you will remember your experience. Whether it’s a lovely meal or a first date: odors contributes to the atmosphere on conscious and subconscious level.
With the lovely home fragrances of Green Tree you enrich the perception of your home, store, studio, showroom, or whatever place you think can use a little luxury. Pull your customers or guests into your aura of divine fragrances.

A range of diffusers

The memory that holds smell is full of emotion. Some diffusers are tailored for whoever likes the freshness of citrus or fresh linen for an invigorating and clean feeling. Others are custom made for the sweet tooth, think of flowers, coconuts or vanilla. In addition to the simple variants like lavender, we also work with fragrances that can be used for meditative purposes, like mint-eucalyptus, hammam spa and palo santo.

Instructions of the diffusser

You receive an elegant bottle of glass with your chosen home fragrance, including wooden sticks. Just take the cap off and put the sticks in the bottle. These magical wooden sticks absorb the liquid and gradually gives off the fragrance into the air. These subtle diffusers are very modest and therefore also suitable for sensitive persons, without the smell being perceived as annoying. When you notice that the fragrance decreases, you simply turn around the wooden sticks as long as there’s perfume inside the bottle. Do this on regularly basis to keep the scent lively.

Green tree diffusers to go

Are you looking for a gift for a special occasion? Or are you finished with the redecoration of your house: this intriguing diffusers of home fragrances are absolutely the finish touch. How easy to enrich your house with sophisticated odors this way, let alone to receive this as a gift. Perfume is the invisible jewelry that pulls everyone in a slight ecstasy.

We guarantee the high quality of our Green Tree diffusers: we only work with top grade perfume molecules that do not break easily or evaporate quickly, made of strong extracts. We hold on to this precision during the production process and we carry it through the smallest details: even the wooden sticks are made of a carefully selected type of wood.

Find the fragrance that suits you and let them smell who you are. Trough our webshop you can purchase many fragrant home diffusers for your own stock. Wholesaler Eastern Trading Agencies supplies spiritual home fragrances that quickly give you a warm domestic feeling. we also have other products like fragrance oils and massage oil