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Brass Bells

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Items 1-24 of 30

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Wholesale in brass bells

Our wholesale offers a qualitative series of handmade meditation bells, also known as brass bells, cymbals or messing bells. The cymbal belongs to the percussion instrument and is used for many different purposes.

Different purposes of brass bells

Within a composition the spiritual brass bells play their role to indicate rhythm. Every cymbal has it’s own unique sound that comes from striking the bells. The alloy is brass (zinc and copper). The sound depends on the sizes and the material of the cymbal, but the sounds are also used to demand attention, to mark the beginning or ending of a meditation session or yoga class. It’s also used as focal point during meditation just like singing bowl. Another goal is to use the vibrations of the sound as positive energy to purify your house with.

In the present moment with Ting-sa

You find an overview of the tinga-sa bells in the assortment of our online store on this page. As you see, we deliver this bells in a range of colors and prints. She derives her spiritual aura from the fact that her sounds are seen as musical offerings. For example, the penetrating sounds are part of the Hindu sacrificial ritual, known as Puja.
But also in the tradition of Fen Shui the believers are familiar with the Ting-Sa bells to harmonize the living- and workspace, to clean and restore the (positive) energy.

The long bright sounds permeate deeply into our body that for almost 80% consist of water, as vibrations and slowly fade out – after which an ultimate sense of extraordinary serenity can be experienced.

Constant repetition leads to deep meditation. This is a blissful way for relaxation to give yourself or someone else. In addition, Ting-Sa bells are decorated with 8 authentic Tibetan symbols. Because of the delightful vivid tunes that echoes long after, this set is absolutely suitable as focal point for meditation. You find the following messing meditation bells in our collection:

  • The Tibetan Ting-Sa;
  • Chakra bells with a stick;
  • Golden Hindu hanger to hang on the wall with tree bells;
  • Mobile hanger with an elephant, beads and bells;
  • Celtic hangers with symbols like pentacle or triquetra;
  • Hand bells (dorji).

meditation bell as gift

How calming are the healing sound waves of the brass bells that is given as a present. You can hang the bells in your store or treatment room or in your garden where they are softly touched by the wind for the gong-like tunes to sanctify the moment.
You can choose from many designs with sticks, ting-sa bells and hanging meditation bells and place your order in our online shop. Eastern Trading Agencies is your wholesaler in brass bells and many other spiritual items as textile, esoteric products and spiritual gifts. We deliver our products with care and speed (within 48 hours in The Netherlands).

In search for a wholesale in meditation bells? Create your account and let's get to know each other, for Eastern Trading Agencies has over more than 45 years of experience.