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Altar Products


there are as many rituals as people

From generation to generation rituals and ceremonies are transferred to connect past, present and future. Whether you like to arrange a little personal altar or sacrificial place in your house or a much bigger one where groups of people come together to attend the ceremony: Eastern Trading Agencies supplies all your necessities for your altar or temple.

We have a wide range in chalices and sacrificial bowls that are also a suitable to burn incense or as altar table, statues and other decoration pieces. With this line we provide both the products needed during nature-religious ceremonies and Hindu sacrificial rituals.


sacrificial rituals

Rituals are performed on an altar where sacrifices are made to the spirits, gods/goddesses, or God. The thought beyond the altar-ritual was indicated in Latin as do ut des, that means: ‘I give so that you give (something in return)

Especially in the Celtic tradition the altar is still used, but in the catholic church too you find altars in different niches of the building. And how about Chinese temples where we find altars devoted to ancestors, family protectors, gods and spirits. In the practice of several religions the altars fulfill a crucial role.

Rituals lift actions above the everyday and aim to come to self-reflection. Whether you follow age old traditions or create your own rituals, when you stimulate your senses creatively with the four elements, you are able to experience the unity of all.

By connecting earth, wind, water and fire with each other, you trigger a new movement in which things get their (new) place again.

  • Earth represents the physical body;
  • Water symbolizes the world of thoughts;
  • Fire is the world of emotions;
  • Wind is your spirituality.

You connect the earthly with the divine. It is a symbolic act in which you carry out certain actions with a sincere intention. You collect the four elements on an altar off course. But what is it that makes the altar such a special part of a ritual?
The use of an altar is indefinitely and grows in strength with the attention and honor you give through the months and years. Users decorate an altar place for their homes, but also for a more specific happening, process or event like pregnancy, sickness and health.


Purchase altar accessories

Buy your altar necessities now in the online store of Eastern Trading Agencies to support your ceremonies. Rituals are as powerful as the pause between the exhale and the next inhale. Choose a moment to give your fleeting feelings and thoughts a new direction from an elevated state of consciousness so that you can ground in the present moment, here and now. Our wholesale delivers spiritual musthaves such as this line of altar supplies.
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