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Candle Holders

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Fire as auxiliary

Together with torches, oil lamps and wood-fire, the candle is one of the oldest lighting tools for man. Fire brings light and heat in the darker and colder days, but for many it’s also part of a spiritual reflection or religious rituals. Flames can serve as focal point during meditation, or simply to create a ceremonial aura.
In some rites, fire is used for sacrificial rituals because it’s conducive for the energy flow that makes the smoke rises to higher atmospheres.

A candle holder isn’t just an accessory, it’s a holder of energy – of light, warmth and full of concentration. The primitive candle is invaluable, a beautiful holder even more. Off course it’s also very cozy – the finishing touch of every room. Enough reasons to choose a stylish candle holder that fits in your personal style. 

Melt, evaporate and burn.

Igniting fire is part of many ceremonies, to emphasize the sacred elements of the actions. Safety is required above all. Therefore safety is part of the quality of our products. We promote higher standards and mind the design and materials of our accessories to prevent topple of candles or the leakage of candle grease. For example, we design the holder in a way so that you can put the candle in always steady or that it can stand on a flat surface.

For every situation an appropriate candle holder.

Candles have grown into atmospheric items in restaurants and living rooms. Eastern Trading Agencies has a wide range of candle accessories varying from candlesticks to tea light holders, rich in shapes and colors and materials.  
Take a look at the lovable designs of the teardrop-shaped holders if your interior is needy for a modernistic revision.
Refresh the view of your showroom, store, reception room or house with the lotus holders, meant to safely burn tea lights. Empower the atmosphere with the twilight of the flames in glass vases with a royal choice in colors and themes. For a more ecclesiastical ambiance we advice you to lit the fire in a one- or seven-armed candlestick to create a nostalgic sphere.

 Here you find an overview of our generous collection candle stands and holders and other related items from our wholesale to lit your candles stylish and safe:

  • Ice cube-shaped holders in many different colors and prints of Celtic, esoteric and Buddhist symbols, but also angels, moon goddess, flower of life, tree of life, pentacles, etc.;
  • Candlesticks: both one- as seven-armed in the old school look;
  • Teardrop-shaped holders for tea lights with Hindu- and Buddhist hangers;
  • Round-shaped tea light holders made of metal with glass inside in diverse colors. Religious motifs and patterns are processed, like the OHM-symbol or chakras;
  • Square-shaped holders also meant for tea lights, made of metal with graceful patterns;
  • Lotus shaped tea light holders of acryl in many colors;
  • Round glass holders imprinted with Hindu or Buddhist or esoteric images;
  • Chakra vases of glass in the corresponding colors of the chakras;
  • Flame dover.

Spiritual accessories at eastern trading agencies

Are you looking for valuable gifts for the holidays in the cold season? Eastern Trading Agencies has a stock in lovely presents and delivers quickly. So that you can give yourself or someone else light and warmth as a gift in the form of stylish candle accessories.
Orders within Holland we deliver in 48 hours. Create your own account to see the prices and purchase your own composite stock in religious and spiritual must-haves.