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Buddha Statues

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Buddha statues

Probably you’re selling different types of Buddha statues too in your own store. It’s popular a gift in The Netherlands. It’s said that buying yourself a Buddha brings bad luck. Are you searching for a wholesaler where you can purchase your stock in these sculptures? Eastern Trading Agencies is the place to be. With over more than 30 different types of Buddha statues you are ensured to find some for all in our collection.

buddha statues for your customers.

A wholesaler in Buddha statues is hard to find within The Netherlands. Many wholesales have just a tiny collection of Buddha’s. Eastern Trading Agencies is the biggest spiritual wholesale of Europe for over more than 45 years of experience. That’s why we have a huge collection in these accessories for you and your customers.

Different buddha’s

We deliver more than 30 different types of Buddha statues. For a complete overview just scroll up on this page. Most representation are approximately between 10 and 30 cm, and available in many materials like wood or metal. Beside, there are off course several designs too. For example: we have the Buddha with this entire body meditating or just his head. Do you want to give a figure as a present? Let us know and you receive the Buddha in a giftbox.

To give or to get

A Buddha statue is said to bring luck into your home and especially for the owner of the house. That makes this Buddha figure a very popular item of serenity. But there’s a catch. It’s said that buying yourself a Buddha brings bad luck. Giving someone else a Buddha is therefore the key and an act of sympathy. Because of the many designs others says that you have to feel this personal connection with a Buddha statue to pick one.

The Buddha represent protection, healing, happiness, prosperity, good health and love. We have many statues in different sizes from 10 cm.

Eastern Trading Agencies – your wholesale in Buddha products

If you too want to offer your customers one or more statues for themselves or to give away, you should visit Eastern Trading Agencies in The Netherlands or online. As the biggest wholesale in Buddha products within The Netherlands you will find any type of statue in our collection.

Have you already noticed our other figures from the Hindu tradition and some Christian saints?
Moreover, scrolling through the pages of our online store, you will also find fragrances in the form of incense, home fragrances, candles, oils, room spray, sea salt and wax melts.

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions about the statues. You can take look at the specific page of your product, call us or send an e-mail. We are glad to help you out.