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Smudge items wholesale? Purifying the environment

Smudging is a ritual of purification that demands carefulness. Smudging is about cleaning the energy around yourself, others and the environment like your house or workplace. The user enters into a respectful relationship with decisive herbs, plants and spirits. The smoke that comes of the burning herbs and spices have a purifying effect. White sage is one of the most famous smudge herbs. It’s important to lit smudges in a refractory smudge bowl or shell, because of the risk of fire.

Smudge bowls

At Eastern Trading Agencies you find high quality bowls in materials like ceramic with colorful prints or simplistic shells also made of pottery, in earthly brown or black. Specially made for smudge herbs your home or other areas. The edges of the bowls are thick, so that the heat easily conducts and the herbs lit for a longer time.

Smudge shells

Just like the pottery bowls are connected to the element of earth, so are the abalone smudge shells confederate with the four elements water, earth, fire and wind. The shell symbolizes the water, the white sage stands for earth, but whenever she burns it represents fire and when the energy transforms to smoke it symbolizes air. This abalone shells exist for more than thousands of years and because of their naturally many tiny holes they ensure a perfect air supply. It’s said that the abalone shell softens emotions and contribute to strong collaboration.

Smudge-accessories from Eastern Trading Agencies

As a wholesaler in valuable items, we supplemented our collection with smudge herbs, including white sage and Palo Santo. Take a look at our compact but complete range smudge bowls and shells, so that you are ensured of all necessities, during the purifying ceremony of yourself, someone else or every room or space needy. Are you in a hurry because you need them soon? If you decide to buy your smudge items at Eastern Trading Agencies, we deliver quickly and accurately the moment you placed your order – max. 48 within The Netherlands.

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