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Dream White Sage Smudge Stick 10cm (price per pc)

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Dream away and clean your home with this smudge stick. The stick contains white sage sprigs, in combination with the wonderful scent of the safari flower. This flower provides a soft aroma as a counterpart to the strong white sage scent. Cleansing rituals with herbs are believed to be thousands of years old. The most famous people who passed on this custom to us are probably the Indians. They burned white sage to chase away evil spirits.


What is Smudging?

Smudging involves burning certain herbs to disperse negative energy with the smoke. The Native Americans (Indians) have been doing this for a long time. They used white sage to chase away evil spirits and to attract good spirits. According to the stories of the Indians, evil spirits cannot tolerate white sage!

Smudging is now also popular in Europe. You can easily perform this ritual yourself to cleanse your home of negative energy. In addition, you can immediately expel unwanted odors, always handy.


White sage and the safari flower; characteristics

White sage comes from California and is known for its strong, spicy scent. White sage is the best-known plant for smudging because of its cleansing properties. That is why white sage is often the basis for smudging sticks.

The safari flower or leucadendron comes from South Africa. It is a long, graceful flower with large leaves and a wonderful scent. The scent of the safari flower softens the aroma of this smudge stick.


Dream white sage smudge stick; tips

This smudge stick provides a dreamy, spicy scent. You can therefore easily light it in the evening, or use it for cleaning your bedroom, for example. To perform the ritual yourself, you need a lighter or matches and a fireproof dish or (abalone) shell.

Light the smudge stick and wait until you see a flame. You blow out the flame, so that the twigs smolder. You can spread the smoke through the room by using a large feather, like that of a swan. You can find these in the Eastern Trading range!

If you want to bring all the elements together during your smudging ritual (water, fire, earth and air), put down a shell that you use as a bowl for the herbs. The shell symbolizes the element of water. The burning of the herbs stands for fire, the smoke for air and the herbs themselves symbolize the earth.


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