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Orgonite massage wands


Purifying energy

The healing effect of orgonite, also known as orgone was discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the ‘30s of the previous century. With orgone we mean life energy, ‘chi’  or ‘prana’. His goal was to bundle this energy and to empower it. Orgonites are also known as Odic force and Ether


Composite beneficence

Nowadays orgone is used in the form of gemstones containing metals that strengthen the operation, namely the generating of positive life energy/orgone. It’s made of casting resin, aluminum, copper filings, crystals and metal wire. Orgonite is processed in various forms from jewelry to pyramids. 
In contrast to the yin-yang philosophy where they believe in dualism (balance between positive and negative energy), orgonite-users believe that energy is transformable. This perspective gives us the chance to purify our environment from negative stimuli by transforming this energy into a salutary power. Orgonite works constantly without the need to unload and charge the stone. 


Negative energy and electronic smog

The organite massage wands are meant for massaging the body. Let your body share the benefits of the medicinal nobles and the protection that orgone offers to radiation from the outside. For a beneficial effect, check out our collection of the most unique, fragrant massage oils. Balance your etheric energy. Remove your body from sore spots and toxic substances.

You can place these jewels next to devices that emit harmful radiation to balance the etheric energy. Many people benefit from the orgone energy fighting insomnia and nightmares by placing the orgone pyramid next to or above the bed.

Order your orgonite massage wand

The pyramids are available in several sizes and gems:

• Amethyst;
• Black tourmaline;
• Crystal quarts;
• Lapis Lazuli;
• Aquamarine;
• Crystal moonstone;
• Citrine;
• Topaz;
• Chrysocolla;
• Jasper;
• Sodalite;
• Rose quartz;
• Turqoise;
• Tiger's eye

Functioning of the orgone

The energy is attracted because of the organic material of the stone (casting resin) and then it gets reflected by the inorganic materials (metal). The conversion into a pure, positive flow is caused by this repetitive process in which the energy is reordered.