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Pendulum Accessories

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Pendulum accessories



Do you often feel like you pick up energies from your environment and that you can use these powerful gifts for yourself and others? The usage of a pendulum comes from parapsychology and works with radiesthesia. Radiesthesia means that you open up to be able to feel radiation or energy, and learn to send them so that they can help you, for example, to answers to (life) questions.

It’s a drop-shaped pendant on a chain, which has the ability to emit energy because of its design. You have pendants made of wood, minerals (precious stones), glass, or metal that serve as a weight on the cord. See our collection of pendants. 

What do you need to use the pendulum?

You need a pendulum, a pendulum mat / card / board / display, a pouch and the focus to steer your consciousness. The latter is of particular interest because it is believed that answers are actually deep inside yourself.

This method is known within the New Age - movement and alternative medicine. Using pendulums is popular among those who want to develop their intuition in order to make good choices or to advise others. It provides insight into yourself and your own knowledge. 

Pendulum Mat/ board/ map

Rotate the pendulum around above a pendulum mat / board to confirm or deny your question. There are a number of possible answers, horoscopes or an alphabet on the shuttle board. The pendulum mat is an instrument to explore your own subconscious and aims to bring together your instinct and your reason.

The pendulum is the most reliable when you have fresh energy and are not tired. You can only ask one question at a time that can only be interpreted in one way. By moving the pendulum in a specific way above the map, you will be confirmed or denied the answer to your question.


Why a pendulum pouche is from importance

Whether you have a metal, wooden or mineral (gems) pendant in mind, in our assortment you will find a wide choice of these pendants and of course the accessories: elegant pouches to safely store your pendulum. If you are the carrier of the pendant, the pendant is permeated with your energy. It is therefore important to keep the pendulum clean so that it remains unaffected by negative energies or becomes mixed with the energy of others. In this way she does not come into contact with this and you also protect it physically against damage.

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Would you like to buy pendants and accessories for your own property, to make someone else happy or to sell?

In our assortment you will find a collection of sustainably produced pendent bags of very refined velvet in various colours. They are finished with hangers/pendants of spiritual symbols.