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Real eye catchers

Well, actually it catches dreams. A stylish colorful dreamcatcher demands attention in a shop window or showroom. With its feathers it knows how to apply a gentle dimension. Try to turn your eyes off these elegant decoration pieces, afterwards you’ll sure meet a wonderful night’s sleep.

Dream catchers are a spiritual attribute from the original inhabitants of North America, the natives: Ojibwe. They believe that every layer of the heavens are soaked with beautiful and bad dreams. At night the bad dream get caught in the web of the dream catcher; in the morning they slip off and burn in the morning light of the rising sun. With these amazing dream catchers wandering nightmares don’t stay a chance on new victims.
Sweet dreams don’t let themselves be caught in the web of dreams: they enter the life of the dreamer right through the net and glide over the feathers on the dreamers head – as the story tells.
The original dream catchers were made of branches that were bend into a circle, which refers to the circle of life.

These were tightened with threads, owl feathers and stone beads, made by women and given as a birth gift for a baby to sleep peacefully.

Dream catchers in every color of the rainbow

Since the 20’th century these favorites are used in the esoteric New Age movement because of her spiritual associations. Nowadays the dream catchers making this huge comeback because they are even more popular among bigger and more diverse groups. They don’t necessarily are hang up above the bed, but can play their role in every possible room to catch wandering thoughts and worries. Although the variation in colors has no limits today (from pink to snow white), these the elements represented by the colors: 

  • Fire is represented by red and gold/yellow;
  • Water is to find in sea green and white;
  • Earth is represented by brown and black
  • Air is symbolized by blue.

Handmade dream catchers at eastern trading agencies.

Beads, stones, feathers and a web full of dreams. The native Americans believed that a dream catcher had to be made by your own hands and hung up above your bed to protect yourself from having nightmares. ‘The making of’ we fixed for you.
Let Eastern Trading Agencies bring color into your life with this cheerful items from 4 up to 120 cm. Do you mind shape and originality? Have a look at the exemplars made of high quality hemp in which the beads give your dream catcher an eccentric character.
Or do you prefer bright color? See our designs based on the seven chakras, the colors of the rainbow. For whoever likes more neutral our rich collection also offers black, white or the classic wooden look.

Nice as showpiece in your store, studio, but also valuable as gift for someone who can use a little spiritual weightiness or for whoever likes this as accessory.