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Lavender Sage Smudge Stick 10cm (price per pc)

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White sage and lavender form a wonderfully relaxing combination. With this smudge stick you clean your house and your spirit of negative energy. You can also use it to remove odors. The Indians went on a spiritual journey through "smudging" rituals. This way they expelled evil spirits and came back into contact with themselves. You can smudge yourself with these herbs.


The origin of smudging

By smudging we mean burning herbs to cleanse yourself and your environment. By this we mean primarily spiritual cleansing, although the herbs are often well suited to dispel nasty odors.

Smudging comes from the native Americans. They could make contact with the spiritual world by burning certain herbs. White sage, lavender and yerba santa, for example, are widely used.

The Indians preferred to burn herbs in a shell or in a bowl. They spread the smudging smoke through the room with a feather.


Lavender and white sage

Lavender and white sage complement each other well. They both smell spicy, but each in a different way. Lavender has a beloved, friendly scent. The herb is known as a tranquilizer. This makes lavender particularly suitable as a smudging herb during stress or in the evening.

White sage has a sharp scent. As soon as you smell this scent, you probably immediately think of cleaning. White sage is invigorating and helps you get in touch with yourself.


How to smudge?

Performing a smudging ritual yourself is not difficult. You can do it your own way. All you need is a fireproof dish or shell and a bunch of herbs. Light the herbs and wait until you see a flame. Blow it out so the herbs start glowing. After this the smoke starts spreading. You can use a feather to direct the scent in a particulair way.

We recommend always opening a window or door during smudging. This is important for ventilation and also ensures that negativity can actually escape out of your house.


Smudging tips

With a shell to burn the herbs in, your smudging ritual is complete. For this you can find beautiful abalone shells in our assortment. We also sell other smudging shells.

We also have a beautiful range of feathers with which you can spread the smoke. A shell or a feather is an instant gift suggestion for a loved one who loves smudging.


Order lavender & sage 10 cms online

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