Spiritual Mugs

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Spiritual coffee- and tea mugs

 Ritualize your tea moment into an experience. In countries such as China and Japan, tea drinking has been elevated to a form of art, for centuries. In all its simplicity, invigorating tea is one of the most magical beverages. She is the answer to almost every question and in her many variations there is something to love for everyone. Tea time is a heartwarming moment of reflection, a moment of comfort or connection. Do it in style.

Astonishingly many people are attached to their own cup or mug for tea or coffee: at home and at work. Choose one that suits you personally and says something about you. This is how you surround and remember yourself in those moments of breakthrough in what is important to you. Keep in touch with that feeling.

Spiritual and religious prints

In the collection of Eastern Trading Agencies you will find various coffee and tea mugs with colorful spiritual and religious prints, such as:

  • Chakras;
  • Hindu prints like the OHM symbol or the God Ganesh;
  • Celtic symbols like pentacles and the moon goddess;
  • Flower of life;

 This ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe.

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