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Blue Sage Smudge Stick 15cm

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Blue sage is a pleasant herb to "smudge" with. It has a pleasant fragrance. Besides that blue sage has a cleansing effect on your environment, it has been known as a medicine for centuries. It is therefore also called "grandmothers saga". With this classic herb you create a pleasant atmosphere and fragrance. Dispelling negative energy in this way is also referred to as “smudging".


The origin and effect of smudging

The ritual that we call "smudging" originates from the native Americans (Indians). They burned herbs, such as sage, to make contact with the spirit world. In this way they rid their environment of bad spirits. Bad spirits do not tolerate blue and white sage. The Indians preferred to burn the herbs in a shell. Using a shell, they brought the four elements together. These are water (shell), earth (herbs), fire (combustion) and air (smoke).

Cleaning the living environment of negative energy has also become popular in Europe.


Blue sage as a smudging herb

The best known herbs to smudge with are white and blue sage. They have the same cleaning effect, but differ in smell. Blue sage has a softer, sweet fragrance than white sage. The blue variant is perceived as a bit milder by many people. If you are just starting out with smudging, blue sage is an excellent suggestion. The fragrance is fresh sweet and reminds many people of the mountains. You can also find blue sage under the names "Rocky Mountain sage" or gray sage. The herb is very popular and grows worldwide.


Tips to smudge yourself with sage

Traditionally, smudging is performed to clean the environment from evil spirits or negative energy. However, you can also do it for other (personal) reasons. It is important that you choose an herb that suits you and that you perform the ritual in a way that you like.

What you need for smudging are the smudge sprigs of the sage, a lighter and a refractory bowl. For example, the shell can be an abalone shell. Light the twigs and wait until you see a flame. Blow it out so that the herbs smolder. They will now give off their pleasant fragrance. To clean the room properly, you can spread the herbal air with, for example, a spring.

You can find a nice collection of smudging accessories at Eastern Trading to complete your ritual. Think, for example, of abalone shells and feathers.


Order blue sage smudge online

Eastern Trading is a true specialist in the field of herbs and incense. You can find a large number of smudging herbs with us. We also sell the accessories, such as shells. You can order from us after creating an Eastern Trading account. With your account you can view all prices and order easily. We always ship stocked products within 48 hours. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email. Of course you can always contact us with questions about a product or delivery. Call or email us, we will help you quickly.


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