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House decoration

During the decoration of your house, studio or meditation center, you may quickly notice how the details set the tone. When the furniture have a spot and the colors have been chosen, how do you finish it with a personal touch? The first impression is of lasting nature, but retaining the desired aura is a challenge too. With our enchanting assortment in accessories and other spiritual equipment, to brighten up every room big or small, we ensure you to make an indelible impression. These ornamental pieces are suitable for anyone who can use a fresh breeze and want to realize a completely new look with minimalist details and a small budget.

Just as much as your jewelry tells about you, just as much helps a carefully decorated house to emit your inner light. Whether you want to turn your environment into an oasis of peace, or to decorate your entrance, waiting room, veranda or garden with some striking eye-catchers: Eastern Trading Agencies is your wholesale market in the world of religious and spiritual decoration.


Spiritual accessories

In our collection you will find notoriously loved must haves for in and around your house, store or atelier. Create a tangible aura and inspire student or guests. We deliver spiritual wall decoration, but also statues, lanterns and candle holders.

Our collection consists of the next creative decoration pieces:

  • Metal candle holder: when it comes to real atmosphere makers. Available as sets and individual in very modernistic designs (oblong and simplistic) to lit a tea light. The tree-of-life or the Buddha head is cut out of it so the light can shine through it. It seems like the tree or Buddha twinkles itself.
  • Wall hanging decoration made of iron with an OHM-sign, pentacle, ankh cross or a triquetra.  
  • Bright wooden wall hangers in which religious symbols are engraved by hand, like the Hindu God Ganesh, chakras or Buddha. These are very catchy items for your yoga studio or meditation center or to hang above the entrance of your store.
  • Table decoration like the OHM-symbol statue
  • Lanterns with the Buddha face – A Bestseller!

Order at eastern trading agencies

 Have you played with the idea of spiritual gifts? Because of the current hipster-trends, house decoration is very popular. Who wouldn’t love to receive such stylish presents, even for non-religious people, like the candle accessories that are universal in nature.

You can login above or create your account now here in the online store to place your order. Wholesale market Eastern Trading Agencies sends your products as soon as we receive your order. In The Netherlands we deliver your order even within 48 hours.

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