Tarot Bags

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Tarot to go

Have you found your straws in the wind in the major and minor arcana? For some among us engaged in personality analysis, meditation or divination, tarot cards provide guidance. Particularly for the protection of your tarot cards we designed this tarot-bags: from satin and cotton to velvet, some even embroidered by hand. Moreover, your cards are not only safe but also easily carried with you wherever you go. We offer you a wide range of prints varying from Celtic, magical Egyptian, Buddhist and Hindu or even nature religious, so that we can serve every type of reader with a suitable bag.

Past, present and future in a bag

A set of tarot cards consist of 78 cards with symbolic images. According to esoteric users in the 20’th century, the cards carry a deep occult philosophy along. Antoine Court de Gebelin, a tarot author from the previous century, claimed that they even contained hidden truths of the Egyptians and because of that carried deep knowledge and insights. For the ones who delve into this secret doctrine and find their answers in the Celtic cross, a suitable tarot purse is indispensable. The cartomancy not forces you anywhere, but it gives you guidance whenever divine insights can lead you by the hand. Make peace with the past, insight in the influences of third parties, guidelines for today and be alert for signs in the future. Carry the insights along with you in a velvety tarot bag/pouch. 

Note: They are also very popular for saving crystals. 

Wholesale in esoteric must-haves.

Eastern Trading Agencies is the greatest wholesaler in spiritual products for yourself or your customers and has an extensive range in esoteric items in the field of New Age.  Keep your swords, wands, cups and pentacles save in these compact tarot purse. Within our roomy collection you also find beautifully decorated tarot-boxes for everyone who like to keep their cards save but do not have the intention to take them outside. 

Order your tarot accessories:

Have you already placed your order? Than we are busy working hard for you to receive your products as soon and safe as possible. Within The Netherlands we even deliver in 48 hours. Outside The Netherlands we also ship very quickly, because we understand that time is money and that you simply can’t wait to receive new products. You can sign up to our online store to see the prices and get your stock in the spiritual accessories for yourself or your customers, ensured of the highest quality.


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