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Handmade NEW AGE Storage Box


Jewelry, gems, feathers and other energy carriers have to be carefully stored where they do not mix up with negative vibes. In these handmade boxes you can safely store your valuables and very personal items. Some are even are covered with velvet inside. The decoration is now completely to be found in the New Age style! These boxes are multifunctional. In addition, they are themed with spiritual symbols, so that you can show who you are or remind yourself of what is important to you.

This boxes are also populare among tarot users. The boxes have been designed special for the protection of your cards, all with different themes and prints. Tarots are protected and saved with care by their owners. Pick your own stylish box where you can store your insights and perspectives.  

Spiritual boxes

With plenty of choices there’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone. Eastern Trading Agencies is the wholesaler in the area of spiritual attributes. The design of the storage boxes doesn’t beg for attention. That makes them an eye catcher though modest and yet so revealing. A very creative eye candy, while we all understand that it's all about content. Whether you keep struts in it, tea lights, white sage or incense cones: neat and tidy.

Develop your own style

A combination of different high-quality materials has been used in both production and design / processing. Think of leather, velvet, plastic, metal or soapstone. You can choose from a lot of different images, decorations and themes. The plastic boxes are additionally laminated and provided with images or embellished with refined patterns. A selection from our arsenal:\

  • Wooden boxes decorated with leather and a dream catcher, the tree of life or the Celtic pentagram;
  • Soapstone in different colors with the symbol of metatron, flower of life or mandala;
  • With colorful image laminated boxes: flower of life, yoga & chakras, OHM symbol, tree of life, angels, dreamcatchers, moon goddess or the hand of Fatima;
  • Metal boxes with symbols of a pantagram or the tree of life.


Order new age handmade boxes from our spiritual wholesale

Do you also love the spiritual and religious images on these storage boxes and would you like to include them in your collection? We deliver continuously and quickly from our stock. You can select your number of items and order easily via the webshop.

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