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Items 1-24 of 172

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Between the contemporary and the authentic

Those who like to stay true and close to themselves, but also want to come along in new hypes, can give their own twist to the latest trends. Handmade spiritual jewelry are very popular at the moment, but not everyone is able to realize this idea. Whoever lack time, inspiration or the skills is at the right place at Eastern Trading Agencies. We bring you a line of amazing handmade Sandalwood jewelry. Chokers are back in fashion, absolutely. But wouldn’t it be much more special to present your loyal customers a set of exclusive variants that also correspond to the latest trends. Order this bracelets and chokers with wooden beads and a very refined tiny turquoise colored Hindu or Buddha statue. Authentic spiritual and religious jewelry are appealing ways to show who you are and what you stand for.

Religious symbols in jewelry

The handmade pendant demands attention, while the simplistic wooden beads appear almost primitive. And that’s exactly what we had in mind: the end result shows how little is needed on raw natural materials and that the emotional value is to be found in the personal meaning that you give it yourself and in the figurine you choose. In our online store you find a range of divine statues and symbols processed in the jewelry:

  • Shiva;
  • Tara;
  • Ganesh;
  • Vishnu;
  • Hanuman;
  • Krishna;
  • OHM-symbols;
  • Medicine buddha;
  • Saraswati.

Purchase spiritual jewelry at eastern trading agencies

Be surprised by the precision work. For some it’s just a simple ornament, while for others it means a talisman/amulet. Besides, the statues are embellished on both sides with two gems such as the black agate or the amethyst. The wooden beads are strung together by an elastic thread and therefore the jewelry are available in one size. Moreover, they smell deliciously like Sandal wood. With these spiritual bracelets and chains you decorate the owner with unique and exclusive jewelry. Would you like to own, give away or sell these musthaves? You can place your order in your account of our online store.

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