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Feng shui crystal window hanger

We know. They’re just like home jewellery. Some even more luxurious than the other. They are hypnotizing and make the sunshine sparkle through it. In our assortment you will find a collection of amazing colorful crystals that are strung together so you can hang them in front of the window. Very decorative eyecatchers. But did you know that, besides being beautiful, they are also very functional because of the healing effect of the combination of crystals?
They are intended to harmonize your living space because the collective light spectrum influences your sense of well-being.

Within the Feng Shui-philosophy energy flows are taken into account and we like to know in which way we can stimulate them for the better, for example by neutralizing negative energies. For this purpose, cut crystals are used.

prosperity of color

Do you feel like there’s a space or room in your house where the Chi needs to be enlivened and refreshed, for example because there’s a lot of tired and negative energy? Than you might like the Feng Shui Crystal hanger in which all the colors of the rainbow are involved. Oh how they shine when the light hits the glass.
The combination of crystals keeps the energy free flowing, so that negativity will be carried away, that the Chi is protected and above all that the colors bring happiness and light. Happiness, how? Your aura itself filters out from this spectrum of color and light what it needs.

The hangers have different colors and patterns. Some are even decorated with a pendant of an angel, pentacles, lotus, moon goddess and many more symbols.

Crystals with grids

Have you seen the grids in our shop? You can lay the crystals down on the grids to strengthen the operation. Every crystal has its own vibration frequency. For those who do not have extensive knowledge about crystals, but want to experience the medicinal effects, we now offer a set of crystal including grids and instructions. Now you can learn for yourself how to lay the crystals in relation to each other. We have done the thinking for you, so that after cleaning your house you immediately receive the abundance of the free flow of positive and warm energy at every level.

Purchase spiritual window decoration

Of course, as a wholesaler, Eastern Trading Agencies provides your spiritual and religious necessities. You can order crystals individually or in larger quantities. Especially this hangers with pendants are authentic to give as a gift or to vivify the spiritual atmosphere. All in all, you can enrich your world by actively involve crystals into your house. In the process of choosing what fits you and your living environment, your intuition plays a magnificent role.

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