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wholesale  yoga accessories

In Sanskrit the word yoga means ‘unity’ or ‘commitment’. There is a commitment between body, mind and soul trough your breath and movement. When movement and breathing coincide spiritual growth is found in the silence between the last exhale and the next inhale. Yoga is not just a physical sport, it’s meant to train your bodily temple by strengthen the connection between your eternal soul, your willing spirit and your temporary body.  That makes yoga on of the most effective ways to stay fit. Yoga forces you to train your concentration-muscle. Vigorous movements should fall together with inhale and exhales.

Everybody loves yoga

If you don’t yoga yourself, you probably know someone who does. It needs more than just muscles, it needs dedication and focus. It requires power of the body and mental stamina. Qualitative yoga accessories are indispensable if you want to start practicing yoga the right way. We made it our goal to provide you with comfortable and convenience while practicing yoga so you can purely focus on realizing calmness and be at ease. Find balance between hard work and a mind that is empty and free of thoughts, by being present in the here and now.

Get your own professional equipment to do some yoga at home or to take to yoga class. Whether you are a starting of advanced yogi or yogini, everybody benefits from high quality yoga necessities.
When you learn to control your mind, stop worrying leads to a decrease of stress hormones. Yoga brings self-knowledge of the body and within no-time you will notice when tension starts to consume your body.


Assortment yoga accessories

When you yourself, or your customers playing with the idea to start with yoga, it’s important to have the desired items in stock. The right yoga belt or yoga mat makes the difference between a common yoga session or an experience that will make you feel reborn. Get everything out of this salutary moment.

In the Eastern Trading Agencies collection you will find different yoga must-haves:

  1. Nail Mat / acupressure mat and pillow
  2. Yoga belt
  3. Yoga Mat
  4. Yoga bags

Nail mat

Also known as acupuncture mat, in which there are little pressure points built that massage your nerves by lying upon it. This enjoyable pressure stimulates your blood flow and gives you this experience of deep relaxation. Also very popular remedy to relief back pain. The size of de mat is 68 cm by 42 cm and contains a lot of pressure points, according the science of acupuncture.


Yoga belts

Yoga belts can be used to ease difficult exercises. They can easily adjust and therefore are extremely suitable for beginners or advanced yoga practitioners with an injury who can use a little help. With this yoga belt you can keep your body in a certain position that normally would have cost a lot of strength. Moreover we deliver the belts in different desirable colors.

Yoga bag

Our cotton yoga mat bags have a raw look and is specially developed for storing and transporting your yoga mat. Of course you can also carry other yoga supplies such as a bath towel or accessories. Very practical solution on the go for those who like to bring their own mat.


Yoga mat

One of the most used yoga accessories is the yoga mat. A good yoga mat can be recognized by its firm grip (little to no friction) with a cool temperature. We supply premium yoga mats, which are tested for optimal support for your body.


Place your order at eastern trading

If you are looking for yoga accessories for yourself or your clients, Eastern Trading Agency is the place to be. As wholesale for yoga articles we’re helping out our content customers with their nail mats and yoga belts all over Europe.
If you have questions about one of our product, you can find more information on the page of the article itself. Don’t hesitate to contact us.