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Minerals & Gemstones

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Minerals and gemstones

 You are not the first and certainly not the last to benefit from salutary gemstones. Beside, they are also available in many different species and for that reason, there is a specific type of stone for every person, complaint or wish. In de history of times people already carried gem stones with them as amulet or a seal. The bracelets and salt lamps from the Eastern Trading’ collection are true masterpieces made of pure natural materials.

Eastern Trading Agencies has a rich collection in these spiritual decorations pieces and jewelry. Gem stones are beautiful, sustainable, rare rocks that differ from each other based on their effects, habitat, chemical composition (minerals) and application based on the corresponding chakra. As a part of nature religions that became popular again, gemstones are making their comeback since a couple of years: people re-discovered their healing effects to combat physical and mental complaints or to give energy. In other words: old knowledge that has fallen into oblivion is catching up on us.

Personal gem

The miraculous nature of this organic product is worth exploring. Every human is unique and so are gemstones. On the basis of your month of birth, specific complaints or wishes or chakra’s that are in need of stimulant you can decide which one is your personal or favorite gemstone.

In the Green Tree Candle collection you will find natural treasures like amethyst, amber, amazonite, rose quartz, rock crystal, lapis, aventurine, sodalite, hematite, tourmaline, chrysocolla, serpentine, tigereye, onyx, citrine or calcite.

The gems are available as loose gem stones (see menu) or as bracelet.

Bracelets of gems

We know that the bracelets are lovely to buy for yourself, but giving it away is even more satisfying. We call them functional jewelry: elegant to see and powerful protectors because of their sanative effects.

In some gem stone bracelets we ingest a pendant, for example: a tiny heart, a pentacle, the Hindu God Ganesh or a triquetra, what gives the bracelet a spiritual look.

Living himalayan salt lamp

Eastern Trading Agencies’ collection wouldn’t be complete without these stylish Himalaya salt lamps (halite). It’s estimated to be 180 million years old and is found on a depth of 250 meters in the earth, from dried-up oceans. It’s apricot colored (pink-orange) salt and so is the lamp, that creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We’re talking about living salt with a revitalizing effect on her environment.

Due to scientist the ratio between positive and negative ions in the air are determinative for your wellbeing. Scientific research has shown that the salt crystal neutralizes the air of excess positive ions from electronic smog, TV and computer screens, cigarette smoke and electrical devices. They can lead to dullness and depression. This can be solved by a high concentration of negative ions, to be found in salt crystals that can contribute in our living and working rooms. The amazing effects explains why wellness centers and spa’s nowadays frequently use Himalaya salt. It’s very vitalizing.

Authentic lamps made of his Himalayan salt is available now in our assortment.

Range of gems at Eastern Trading Agencies

Would you like to know more about gems and minerals? For more specific information you can click on the link to the category page or the product page. If your questions remain unanswered you can call us or simply send an e-mail. Sign up and place your order of gems and salt lamps at Eastern Trading Agencies.