Gem Trees

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Wholesale in gem trees

Looking for the more luxurious items among the Gem Trees? Eastern Trading Agencies is the place to be. We limited our collection gem trees to the more exclusive variants. That’s why you’ll find some ultimate eyecatchers on this page, including the Tree of Love made of rose quarts with heart-shaped pendants. Whether you chose for a tree with 160 or 300 stones, each gem tree is thoughtfully handmade and unique.

You aren’t the first and certainly not the last to benefit from the substances that make up gemstones. Besides, we have them in many different types and therefore there is a gem tree to every complaint or wish. Gem Trees are real artworks made of natural materials. In former times people already carried gem stones with them as amulet or a seal. Nowadays you can bright up your house with it.

Gem tree: a functional showpiece

A gem tree is a real showpiece. Gem stones are beautiful, sustainable, rare rocks that differs from each other based on their effects, habitat, chemical composition (minerals) and application based on the corresponding chakra. Gemstones have been in the spotlights again for a couple of years now because of the more popular nature religions: people re-discovered their healing effect to combat complaints, to soften the pain and to reduce problems.   
Every human is unique and so are gemstones. How do you know which stone fits you at this moment? On the basis of your month of birth, specific complaints or wishes or chakra’s that are in need of stimulant you can decide which gem stones matters to you.

Even when you pick one because of her beauty and colors, it’s important to realize that you choose from your intuition. And what is more powerful than that?

Different gems

Gem trees are often given as a present. In the Green Tree Candle line you will find gem trees made of amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal, aventurine, onyx, citrine or calcite. Where rose quarts stimulates the fourth chakra (the heart) to open so that love can freely flow, the first chakra gets a boost from onyx for whoever feels unsafe and has little perseverance and discipline to handle stressful situations trough the capacity of self-realization. Beside, Eastern Trading Agencies is the wholesaler who delivers this very exclusive gem trees with pendants.

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