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Esoteric Products

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Items 1-24 of 1280

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Purchase esoteric producs at Eastern Trading Agencies wholesale

In and outside The Netherlands the esoteric lifestyle is more popular than ever. Not only because there’s a significant movement from religion to individual spirituality. Esoteric ideas are also propagate in fashion and part of media like film and music industry. We always strive to complete our wide range of esoteric lifestyle products and accessories for our customers. Not only do we keep our assortment up to date, as customers of our wholesale you are assured to buy quality. On this page we made you an overview of every category in esoteric item.

Wholesale in mystic accessories

Esotericism is about knowledge of the occult, that is only available for initiates. Many cultures in India and Peru are familiar with an esoteric approach of the world and so with the accessories. Unfortunately, in the Western world missed this spiritual movements. The last years we noticed an incredible growth in the number of products and the demand for them, because of the collective consciousness of universal truths that are independent of religion. For this people, Eastern Trading Agencies is opening new doors to show the capital gain of these esoteric traditions that we collected for you in the last 40 years. Because of our experiences now we are able to assure you of the best ratio between price and quality in Europe. Our collection in mystic items is enriched with the following products:

Tarot card box

Tarot card boxes are meant to keep your cards safe. With these unique designs you can safely storage your22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

Witches cauldron

To prepare sacred drinks you need a qualitative cauldron. Cauldrons from Eastern Trading Agencies are made of metal and you can choose from different prints from pentacles to Celtic symbols to dragons, chakra’s and trees of life. WIND CHIME Chimes make sounds through the wind. The stronger the wind blows, the more intense the chimes produces their sounds. Wind chimes are handmade and different and therefore every chime make a different sounds. That makes every melody authentic.


Rosaries are chains that support you to be the most sincere version of yourself in your inner truth. Beside, a rosary is often used during prayer.


Did you know we sell handmade jewellery of sandalwood. These are engraved with inscriptions and icons like Shiva, Buddha, Krishna and Vishnu.

Water pipe shisha

It’s called shisha or hookah in the arabic language. Water pipe is getting more and more popular in The Netherlands. Take a look at our collection for the colors.

Lamps lanters

Searching for beautiful decoration light? Good news, we have exclusive exemplars with spiritual designs to decorate your house, store, studio of whatever place is up to renewal. It stimulates you during meditation and creates a soothing ethos. We have many models varying from mandala to Buddha, from pentacle to OHM-symbol, and from New Age themes to Arabian styles.


Tingsha’s are little cymbals that are used during prayers and rituals by Tibetan Buddhists. The tingsha’s are connected to each other by a cord. When you smash them to each other it produces a clear sharp sound.

Singing bowls

Which color do you like? Which sizes you like to try and which material produces the sounds that you like the most? We have it all. We sell both the handmade and factory-made singing bowls, each with another sound and frequency. A feature of the handmade bowls are the hammered-look, because it’s produced the traditional way with messing.


We have a lovely collection of crystals. See for yourself. They are made of glass and give a colorful light effect when you hang them in front of the window. The seven colors of the chakra crystals create a wonderful rainbow effect to fill the room with positive energy.

Orgonite products

Have you already benefit from orgonite? It works effective against electromagnetic radiation. It prevents damage from harmful radiation in and around your living space. It’s made of aluminum, copper, fiberglass, crystals, precious stones and a metal wire wrapped in a synthetic resin: a technology is discovered and designed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). We sell orgonites in the shape of pyramides, bols, massage bars and hangers.

Altar products

Finally we have a collection in altar products as kelks, cauldrons, bells and ritual bowls, altar tables, cloths and many more. Everything to serve your customers in the practice of wicca rituals. Have you planned to give one of our spiritual or religious products away as gift? Just tell us and you receive the item as a giftset. For more specific information you can click on the respective page of product.