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Abalone shells

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Abalone shells at Eastern Trading Agencies

A "must" for anyone spiritually inclined is the well-known abalone shell. The shell is the 'home' of the abalone, a family of snails found in various oceans. It is a beautiful mother-of-pearl shell that has multiple spiritual workings, which is no surprise given its beautiful aesthetics and color. For instance, it is said that the reflection of the pearl should avert the evil eye; it makes you happy and happy. The shell comes out of the water, which is why it naturally also carries the symbolic energy of the sea. In astrology this is linked to everything, according to many water power is cleansing, soothing and purifying. The abalone shells from our range are logically of top quality.


What do I use an abalone shell for?

The abalone shell itself conveys a powerful symbolism: purifying, cleansing and refreshing. The shell is often used indoors for smudging. Light palo santo, holy wood or a smudge of white sage, put it in the abalone and walk around your house. In this way the house is cleaned of negative energy and you remain positive yourself. In addition, the abalone shell is extremely suitable for burning incense. Put bullet incense in the curse for a soothing effect; delicious aromas slowly spread throughout your home. We have abalone shells in different sizes in our range: from small to large. So there is something for everyone!


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