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Notebook in antique style

When you have genius inspiration, like when an insight imposes itself on you - whether it’s for a poem or a shopping list -  it’s useful to have some stationery at hand to write in style. And with style we mean classic and sustainable. For the dreamers among us, who can use overview and structure, but can be forgetful at the same time we can give you a note: if you don’t write it down, you will lose your brilliant ideas. Let your thoughts fly freely and your pen flow on recycled paper!  With these notebooks from Eastern Trading Agencies in compact sizes you are provided with high quality classic and familiar stationery.

Loved among writers:  the leather look.

In our assortment we have leather and white metal notebooks. Both are beautifully decorated with graceful patterns, flowers (lotus), chakra’s, pentacles, Celtic knots, dream catchers, hand of Fatima and the tree of life. Have you seen the luxury edition? It’s of a much bigger size than the pocket variants, processed with gems (rose quarts)! All these elegant adaptations together make an incredibly nostalgic looking notebook made of over more than 100 pages recycled material.

Moreover, when you choose the white metal books out of our collection stationery, you are also armed with writing utensils.
The leather notebooks are actual made of real leather so that they stay beautiful over time. Even the string with which you close the book is made of leather.

Buy your spiritual notebooks/agenda's at eastern trading agencies.

What inspires more than blank pages, wrapped in nostalgia? With this spiritual decorated notebooks you will please everyone with a gift that is worth more than its price. Let us know how you like to receive as many notebooks in spiritual  themes as you like and our wholesaler delivers these precious leather notebooks, to enjoy for a long time.

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