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Small bowl polished 6cm with box

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There is no musical instrument that has as many special properties as a singing bowl. The combination of different metals makes a singing bowl a beautiful sound: its vibrations penetrate all over your body. You can experience deep relaxation through the sound and vibration of a singing bowl. This small singing bowl is beautiful to look at and easy to transport. The singing bowl comes with a beater and a cushion.


Singing bowl; meaning and origin

The origin of the singing bowl is around the Himalayas and in other areas in Asia. They mainly come from Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. Singing bowls there had different functions in Zen Buddhism. For example, they were used to announcing and end prayer. You will also come across singing bowls under the name 'singing bowls' or 'medicine bowls'. A singing bowl is usually made of a combination of different metals: usually copper and tin. Smaller singing bowls like this one are also known as Zen bowls.


What can you use a singing bowl for?

A small singing bowl like this zen singing bowl is widely used to announce the start and end of a yoga class. Singing bowls also have the function of promoting deep relaxation with their sound and vibration. Large singing bowls are more suitable for this. The larger the singing bowl, the deeper the sound and vibration. The singing bowl makes sound because you strike it with the beater. For example, with a pillow, you can muffle the sound.


Small singing bowl; tips

A smaller singing bowl fits well in a yoga studio: you can start and end your class by hitting the singing bowl. Use the cushion (box) to mute the singing bowl. At Eastern Trading you will find all kinds of singing bowls of different sizes. Whatever taste you have: we have a suitable singing bowl for every enthusiast or expert.


Order small singing bowl 6 cm

Eastern Trading is the wholesaler where you can find everything in the field of esotericism. We sell a large collection of singing bowls in different sizes and styles. You can order your singing bowl with your Eastern Trading account. After receiving your order, we will ship your package within 48 hours (provided items are in stock). Do you have a question about a product or about your order? Then please contact us. We are happy to assist you by email or telephone.


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SKU 7434637038007
Material metal
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Meditation
Measurements 6 cm
EAN 7434637038007
Condition New