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Brass Singing Bowl with stick & Cusion 12 cm Third Eye Chakr

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Singing bowls are a popular tool during massages and meditations. The vibrations produced in the singing bowl are so intense that they buzz across our body. Because for 70% consist of water, our cells resonate.
Many people experience this is inner massage as deeply relaxing. Originally, they were intended as food or serving dishes in India and Nepal.

The singing bowl is made of metal. Each bowl has its own frequency and therefore its own sound, depending on the size and material. Low tones give rest, while the highs give energy. What singing bowls make special is that their sound gives you this incredible calmness and silence inside.

Blue silver singing bowl

This classy cobalt blue-colored singing bowl is decorated with the third eye symbol. This is your intuition chakra. Her sounds are tuned to release blockades in the 6th chakra and to raise the free flow of energy when it comes to consciousness. You find this chakra in the middle of both eyebrows. In addition, you now receive the sound bowl cushion in the same blue color with silver.

Order this 12 cm singing bowl now easily via the online shop of Eastern Trading Agencies. You receive the singing bowl complete with a sturdy and decorated storage box with stick and meditation cushion.


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SKU 8901233053325
Material 7 metals
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Meditation
Measurements 12cm
EAN 8901233053325
Condition New