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Yogi Mask 7 Chakra's Meditation

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With this yoga mouth mask, you can do your yoga exercises wherever you want. The mask is not too warm, but prevents contamination with covid-19. In this way you can responsibly do all your exercises in a group or yoga class! The yoga mouth mask is from the stylish brand Green Tree and comes in black with a yoga image.


Yoga and the 7 chakras

With this yoga mouth mask, you are completely in style. The image on the cap shows the seven chakras. Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. You can see every chakra in your body as an energy node that must flow properly. Through meditation and yoga poses all your chakras come back into balance.

From bottom to top we distinguish the following chakras:

  • 1st chakra (red) root chakra: stability, feeling safe.
  • 2nd chakra (orange) sacral chakra: emotions, relationships, movement, sexuality
  • 3rd chakra (yellow) navel chakra: satisfaction, strength, energy.
  • 4th chakra (green) heart chakra: love, trust, security
  • 5th chakra (blue) throat chakra: express yourself, communicate, purify
  • 6th chakra (indigo) forehead chakra: knowing, intuition, overseeing
  • 7th chakra (purple) crown chakra: acceptance, inspiration, connection of the other chakras.

The seven chakras can be seen on the Buddha image of this mouth mask.


About the Green Tree brand

Green Tree is a good quality brand that focuses on fragrance products and decoration. In addition, the brand has yoga and spiritual products in its collection. Every Green Tree product is produced fairly, with an eye for detail and quality. With this yoga mask you are always in style!


Yoga mask from Green Tree

This Green Tree yoga mask looks nice and is not too hot. Ideal for during your yoga exercises! It is not a medical mask, so you can wear it anywhere. This way you can also put on the mask in busy places in the city, or in public transport. In particular, you prevent infecting other people if you carry the covid-19 virus without noticing.

For great comfort, this mouth mask is made of soft cotton. So you will not experience any rough material on your face.



This face mask for yogi is also available in two other versions. For example, Green Tree has a face mask with lotus flower and a mask with a lifelike lion print. There is something for everyone. Each face mask in this series is made of cotton, a breathable material.


Buy Yogi mask at Eastern Trading

With over 45 years of experience in esoteric products, we are the place to be for yoga accessories. With us you can buy all kinds of yoga accessories and a large number of different incense scents. This yoga mouth mask can be found in various original designs. To order, log in to your Eastern Trading account. You can then view all prices and place your order.

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More Information
SKU 8720800747272
Material Cotton
Verpakking Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Cleansing
Measurements 18 x 9 cm
Condition New

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