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Meditation is a form of attention that demands a certain amount of concentration, which you can simply strengthen by practicing daily. Meditation exists in many forms and is a path without purpose. Yet the result is a relaxed body and an empty mind. It's is the judgment-free observation of one's own mind and all the difficult turns in which it wrangles itself. You train your attention muscle to be focused and thereby increase your concentration curve. This way you learn not to be distracted by the thoughts that your mind produces.

You bring yourself into a state of consciousness in which you are fully focused with your attention on something in the here and now. The breath is a frequently used anchor, just because breaths in the past and the future do not exist or no longer exist. The inhalation and exhalation are the most present thing you have. Moreover, you carry your breath anywhere and everywhere with you so that you can always perform meditation exercises anywhere: at home, at work or on the way. But also the recitation of mantras, doing visualization exercises, coloring mandalas, staring at the flame of a tea light or indulging in a deep prayer can work. Everybody finds out for themselves what works for him / her. Are you distracted? No problem: notice it and bring yourself back to the here and now.

Mindful lifestyle

In the West, meditation is currently making an advance in a modern variant where it is part of a mindfulness lifestyle. But it's already thousands of years old, and above all known from the form in which it occurs in Buddhist and Hindu movements.
In recent years, much scientific research has been done into the effects, particularly in the case of illness as a replacement for medication. It's a gift to yourself. Because body and mind are closely connected, practicing has many health benefits for both. By making your head '' empty '' you stop thinking for a while, with the result that the amount of stress hormones decreases and you can distance yourself from your thinking. This provides insight and clarification: a wonderful light feeling.

Meditation Cushion and singing bowls

You can practice while lying down, sitting and even standing. In the assortment of Eastern Trading Agencies you will find accessories that are meant to support you and bring you into the right state of being, just like cushions and singing bowls. These are meant to support the seat ergonomically during sitting practicing. Some are simple, others are dipped in the most hip prints. Moreover, you can now also order colorful children's cushions for the smallest buddha's.

Singing bowls are a popular tool during massages and focussing. The vibrations produced in the singing bowl are so intense that they buzz across our body. Because for 70% consist of water, our cells resonate. Many people experience this is inner massage as deeply relaxing.

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