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Smudge bowl triquetra with legs

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Smudge bowl triquetra with legs

Clay smudge pot triquetra

Safety is very important when you smudge your house (cleaning with smoke). Whether you burn palo santo, white sage, sweetgrass or incense cones: these smudge bowls and pots are made of clay (earthenware) and heat-resistant.


The pot has a simplistic, almost primitive design and are decorated with the Triquetra symbol. Triquetra is Latin for "triangle". Although this symbol was already found on Native religious images more than 5000 years old, it is now seen as a Celtic symbol (from the 8th century) with interlocking circles. Here the trinity of Life, Death and Rebirth, of Body, Mind & Soul is represented. This is also called the triple goddess.

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As you may have seen, our range is full of spiritual cleansing products that can purify your body, mind and environment. To complete your smudge set, you can now order different sizes of smudge bowls via our online shop.



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SKU 8906436754680
Material Terra Cotta
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Cleansing
Measurements H7cm X W13cm X D13cm
EAN 8906436754680
Condition New