Tarot card boxes

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Past, present and future in a box

As wholesale Eastern Trading Agencies is the most valuable player in the area of spiritual and religious attributes. We are proud to show you our royal collection in extraordinary tarot boxes. For whoever is engaged with personality analysis, meditation or divination through card-reading, there are different types of tarot cards to begin with.

This tarot boxes have been designed special for the protection of your cards, all with different themes and prints. Tarots are protected and saved with care by their owners. Pick your own stylish box where you can store your insights and perspectives.  

History of tarot

A set of tarot cards consists of 78 cards with symbolic images. According to esoteric users in the 20th century the cards carry a deep occult philosophy along. Antoine Court de Gebeling, a tarot author from the last century, claimed that the symbolic tarot cards contains secrets of the Egyptians and therefore possesses deep knowledge and illumination. Who delve into the secret doctrines and find answers in the Celtic cross is in need for a sturdy tarot box. The fortune tellings never force you anywhere, but give you direction when you ask for it. Find your understanding for the past, insight in the influence of third parties, guidance for today and be prepared for signs in the future.

spiritual designs

the box for other purposes

Although the design of the boxes correspond to the shape and size of tarot cards, you can use this musthaves for many other purposes. Think about the storage of jewellery, gems, tea lights, etc. 

A combination of different high-quality materials has been used in both production and design / processing. You can choose from many different images, decorations and themes. Some tarot boxes are even laminated with images, or are embellished with refined patterns that run through on every surface of the box.

A selection from our arsenal:

  • Gracefully decorated wooden boxes with the shape of a coffin with a pentacle of an engraved dream catcher, the hand of Fatima, an elephant, OHM-symbol, a pagan calender. Some are tooled with metal symbols like a triquetra, dragon, owl, or an angel;
  • (White) metal/copper boxes imprinted with buddha, a pentacle,  lotus flower, OHM- symbol and mandala’s;
  • With colorful images laminated boxes: flower of life, yoga & chakras, OHM-symbols tree of life, angels, dream catchers, moon goddess or the hand of Fatima.  


Tarot card box - You pick, we deliver

Eastern Trading Agencies is your wholesaler in spiritual products and has a wide range in esoteric items in the New Age theme.  Keep your swords, wands, cups and pentacles save in these compact box.

If you like to carry your cards along with you wherever you go than a tarot bag is probably a better solution. Our wholesale has a collection in spiritual decorated bags of high quality velvet. You will find these in the menu of esoteric products.

Do you love our religious and spiritual prints too and would you like to adopt these boxes in your collection as well? We deliver your products quick and continuously. Create an account and select your items easily in our online store above.

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