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In this suede bag you can carry your favorite crystal, amulet or pendant with you. At the front of the bag is the tree of life depicted in all its colors. The tree of life stands for wisdom, protection, power and beauty. The bag helps you to protect your pendulum against negative influences from outside. This way the energy in your pendant is retained.


Carrying a pendant bag with you

This soft, suede bag is also called a pendant bag. A pendulum is a small weight on a wire or chain. Usually a pendulum is made of precious stone, wood or crystal. People use a pendant to get answers to various questions. The pendant answers these questions with "yes" or "no" by means of different movement patterns. A pendant carries your warmth and energy. This bag ensures that this energy is not lost. The soft suede material ensures that your pendant or talisman remains undamaged.


The tree of life on the pendant bag

The tree of life on the pendant bag is an important and well-known spiritual symbol. The tree stands for wisdom, power, abundance, beauty and protection. The branches of the tree reach for heaven, while the roots are in contact with the earth. The tree is actually a symbol for life itself and all its developments. The tree is depicted in the colors of the 7 chakras, the energy flows that we all carry with us.


Carry a pendant bag with you

People usually carry this bag with them to carry their pendant. Others use the bag to store medicines. You can use this bag for all kinds of important, precious things. The soft material will not damage anything. This suede bag is also suitable as a spiritual gift to a loved one. You can complete the gift with a pendulum or chain in it.


Order the purple-chakra tree or life bag suede bag

This bag is packed per piece and comes in purple suede. You can order the item from us quick and easy. Eastern Trading always ships its items within 48 hours. We also value good service. If you have questions about an item or your order, please contact us.


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