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Stainless Steel Tong Tree Of Life 6pcs

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You can use these stylish tongs to move charcoal or charcoal tablets. For example, for a charcoal incense burner you need tongs. The tongs are decorated with an image of the Tree of Life: one of the most famous spiritual symbols.


Use charcoal tongs; tips

If you want to burn grain incense with a charcoal burner, these tongs are what you need. You light the charcoal tablet before you place it on the charcoal burner. To do this, light the charcoal tablet along the edge. Then place the tablet with the tongs on the charcoal burner or in a fireproof dish. When the charcoal tablet glows completely, you can place your incense grains on top.

Burning incense grains with charcoal has the advantage that a delicious, intense scent is quickly released. It is a very natural way of burning incense: no additional substances are added to grain incense. Always stay nearby when burning grain incense, and be careful with children and animals.


Tree of life meaning

The Tree of Life is an intriguing symbol that appeals to people worldwide. Especially people who feel a strong connection with nature are attracted to this symbol. The Tree of Life or the 'Tree of Life' stands for fertility, rebirth, growth and wisdom. Whatever you endure, your roots grow deeper: just like the roots of the Tree of Life!


Order stainless steel pliers Tree of Life

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More Information
SKU 9865743254384
Material Stainless Steel
Packaging Per 6
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 17 x 16 x 4 cm
Condition New