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Rosemary Smudge Stick 10cm (price per pc)

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Smudging is a spiritual method to cleanse spaces of negative energy. Rosemary works well for this: the plant has a fresh, spicy scent and gives peace of mind. Rosemary is also an excellent plant for expelling unwanted odors. Smudging has traditionally been a ritual of the Native Americans (Indians). It is now also a popular custom in Europe!


Smudging; meaning

Smudging was originally done by the ancient Indians. Probably the use goes back even further and our ancestors already did. The smudging ritual involves cleaning a room of negative energy by burning certain herbs. The most famous herb for this is white sage, but rosemary and blue sage are also popular. The Native Americans scared away evil spirits by burning their herbs. In this way they cleaned themselves and their environment from evil thoughts.

The Native Americans liked to use symbolism in their rituals. In this way they preferably let the four elements come together: water, earth, fire and air. They did this with a shell (water), earth (herbs), fire (burning of the herbs) and air (smoke).


Rosemary; benefits

Rosemary is a variety of sage and has the Latin name salvia rosmarinus.

The spicy scent of rosemary helps to lift your mood. It is a suitable smudging herb for when you are not feeling well. Rosemary helps relieve stress and can relieve headaches.

The plant smells very pleasant: you come across this herb a lot in Mediterranean cuisine!


Burning rosemary smudge stick

A rosemary smudge stick is very suitable during or after a stressful period. You perform a smudging ritual as follows:

  • Place a refractory dish or shell.
  • Place the rosemary in the bowl
  • Light the stick with a match or lighter
  • Wait until you see a flame and blow it out so that the twigs smolder.
  • Open doors and windows so that negative energy can escape

This is a basis for how to perform a smudging ritual. There are no real rules: perform the ritual in a way that is comfortable for you.


Smudging; tip

To symbolize the element of water, the Indians liked to use a shell in which they burned the herbs. An abalone shell is very suitable for this: these large shells have a beautiful shine. At Eastern Trading you can find a nice collection of smudge shells, including the famous abalone shells.


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Eastern Trading has been a fragrance specialist for over 45 years. You can find a very wide range of smudge sticks with us, including sticks with rosemary, white sage and juniper berries. We also sell smudging accessories, such as shells and feathers.

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